The Chase viewers in hysterics as they spot odd connection with players’ names

10 November 2020, 07:18 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:06

The Chase fans were stunned by the strange coincidence last night
The Chase fans were stunned by the strange coincidence last night. Picture: ITV

Bradley Walsh even noticed the hilarious placement of Monday's contestants on The Chase.

As we head into another week of uncertainty, there’s one thing we can always rely on to make us feel warm inside - and that’s The Chase.

And on Monday evening, fans of the show were left in hysterics when they noticed a very bizarre coincidence among the contestants.

Presenter Bradley Walsh opened the show by introducing the players facing the chaser - first up was Winston, who was sat on the left, followed by Churchill sitting next to him, and then Teresa and June.

Viewers immediately noticed that the name of the wartime prime minister of the UK was spelt out with Winston and Churchill.

The contestants were cleverly placed on The Chase
The contestants were cleverly placed on The Chase. Picture: ITV

One person tweeted: “Just turned on #TheChase and I can’t believe me eyes. There is a guy called Winston and a guy called Churchill. I’m done.”

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“What are the chances?!?” another said, while a third added: "Who sets out the contestants on #TheChase well done that person."

Many other fans also pointed out that if the contestant on the far right was called May, then two former prime ministers would have been spelt out.

“May pulled out at the last minute,” one person wrote, and another added: “It’s a shame the first contestant’s name wasn’t May.”

A third agreed: "Production team on #TheChase have had some fun today with Winston Churchill Teresa (not May but) June, fair play."

The chaser, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, also commented on the names, telling host Bradley that she didn't want to ‘break up’ the almost Prime Minister duo.

When June stepped up, she joked said she was born in May, so it was almost there.

Bradley then quipped: "It's very very clever that."

Unfortunately, after building up £12,000 in the cash rounds, the contestants lost their money during the final Chase.

And it was a question about prime ministers that ended up being their downfall, as Bradley asked them: "Which Prime Minister wrote The Young Duke?"

Churchill then answered: "Franz Ferdinand", with the correct answer being Benjamin Disraeli.

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