Disney Christmas advert 2020: Heartwarming tale shows the importance of family and tradition

9 November 2020, 11:23 | Updated: 9 November 2020, 11:33

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS | Disney Christmas Advert 2020

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Disney's Christmas advert 2020 tells a sweet story of a grandmother called Lola.

With Halloween out of the way, we can finally start getting excited about the festive period.

And after a tough year for everyone, Disney is here to cheer us all up with their brand new Christmas advert.

Their 2020 ad tells the heartwarming story of a grandmother’s relationship with her granddaughter as she grows up over the years.

The short film - called From Our Family To Yours - starts back 1940, when a young girl called Lola is given a Mickey Mouse toy by her father.

It then flashes forward 65 years, where Lola can be seen giving the childhood toy to her own granddaughter, before the pair make star-shaped decorations together.

Lola is the star of the new Disney Christmas Advert 2020
Lola is the star of the new Disney Christmas Advert 2020. Picture: Disney via PinPep

We then see Lola following the same tradition of making star decorations as her granddaughter grows up and gradually becomes less interested.

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One day, the granddaughter comes home to find the Mickey Mouse toy with its ear torn off after being dropped on the table.

She then decides to do something nice for her grandmother, and fills the living room with all different coloured star decorations.

The young woman then surprises Lola with a gift box which contains the same Mickey Mouse toy inside with his broken ear sewn back in place, as the screen reads: “From our family to yours.”

Lola and her granddaughter are part of a heartwarming story for Disney's Christmas ad
Lola and her granddaughter are part of a heartwarming story for Disney's Christmas ad. Picture: Disney via PinPep

Speaking about the story behind the advert, Angela Affinita, Head of Creative, Integrated Marketing EMEA , told Heart.co.uk and other press that she was inspired by her own childhood.

She said: “We wanted to focus on tradition and togetherness and make it relevant and relatable, due to the situation we find ourselves in, family is more important than ever."

Disney’s Christmas advert is set to charity single Love Is A Compass, sung by 19-year-old singer Griff, and written with production company Parkwild.

Singer Griff added: “The lyrics of the track and the storytelling in the advert are powerful, and important. The theme of family and loved ones are so front of mind for many of us – especially this Christmas.”

From now until the end of December, all of the of the proceeds from the single will be donated to Make-A-Wish.

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