Aldi Christmas advert 2020: Kevin the Carrot is saved by Santa in brand new ad

6 November 2020, 11:09

Aldi Christmas Launch Advert 2020

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Aldi's new Christmas 2020 advert sees Kevin the Carrot try to find his way back home to his family.

It might only be November, but it’s never too early to start thinking about festivities, is it?

Well, Aldi has now released its 2020 Christmas ad in the form of Kevin the Carrot’s festive journey back home to his family.

And to make things even more festive, it is even soundtracked by the theme from Home Alone.

Budget supermarket Aldi teased Kevin’s brand new storyline last month, when a teaser clip saw the vegetable flying a plane with his co-pilot turkey friend Top-Gun style.

In a plot twist, Kevin was then accidentally ejected from the plane and was seen parachuting into the woods, with the whole nation left wondering #WhereIsKevin?

Now, part two of the advert shows Kevin’s journey back to his family as viewers see his wife Katie and kids Jasper, Chantenay and Baby preparing for Christmas at home.

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The start of the emotional video sees Baby looking out of the window and saying: "It’s not Christmas until my daddy gets home."

Kevin is then seen meeting a hedgehog friend called Harry, who tries to help him get home, only to be stopped by a giant piece of ice.

Luckily, Santa is on hand to save the day after he finds Kevin and Harry in the snow.

Kevin the Carrot is trying to get home in the new Aldi ad
Kevin the Carrot is trying to get home in the new Aldi ad. Picture: Aldi

In a nod to the iconic family film E.T., he flies the pair home on his bicycle, with Kevin’s kids spotting them in front of the moon.

Kevin is finally reunited with his family just in time for Christmas dinner, as Santa says: "The magical moment was finally here, Christmas together with those you hold dear."

Aldi have been using Kevin the Carrot as their mascot since 2016, and film fans might also notice a cameo from Star Trek actor Colm Meaney plays Santa in the ad.

Speaking about his role, the actor said: "I thought it was about time that I played the big man himself and so was delighted to be asked by Aldi to be part of its Christmas campaign.

"Kevin the Carrot and his family were incredibly welcoming on set and the whole experience was a total joy – even getting in and out of the big red suit.

"This year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, but I hope that over the festive season people will be able to enjoy this special time with family and friends – and maybe the odd mince pie or turkey sandwich."

He added: "Oh, and contrary to many men during lockdown, I can confirm that the beard is not mine."

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