Mum sparks debate after slamming Christmas Eve gift boxes as ‘silly and a waste of money’

5 November 2020, 15:13

A mum has said Christmas Eve boxes are stupid
A mum has said Christmas Eve boxes are stupid. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Parents can't agree on whether Christmas Eve boxes are a sweet idea or a waste of money...

A mum has divided the internet after she called Christmas Eve boxes ‘stupid’.

The tradition sees children given one gift box from their parents or guardians on December 24th as an extra treat.

But the woman has claimed that children don’t need more stuff and it’s just a waste of money.

She shared a snap of a box on Facebook group B&M Bargains and More, saying: “Does anyone feel like these are so stupid?

“Who thought of this silly idea that kids need yet an extra gift before Christmas?

Christmas Eve boxes have become a recent tradition
Christmas Eve boxes have become a recent tradition. Picture: Amazon

“Just seems like a waste of money and yet another way to teach your kids to expect this?

She added: “(Each to their own, if you got money to spend on stuff like this fine I guess).”

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And it seems as though other mums and dads were totally divided, with some agreeing, while others labelled her a ‘Grinch’ for not getting into the spirit.

One person wrote: “What a Scrooge. I love Xmas Eve boxes, another great idea for Xmas.”

Another said: “I do it, adds to the magic and excitement. I will always try and create that with mine.”

But a third added: “Got to say I fully agree that it’s a waste of money.

“It’s nice but I don’t waste money on them never have.”

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This comes after one mum from Australia was praised after revealing her ‘four present rule’ to make sure her children aren’t spoiled by Santa this year.

Posting on a Facebook group called ‘Mums Who Clean, Cook and Organise’, the woman explained that she asks her four-year-old daughter to categorise her wishlist whenever it’s her birthday or Christmas.

These are split into four categories - something she wants, something she needs, something she can wear and something she can read.

She wrote: "My daughter turns fives this month, we stick to the four-gift rule in our house.

"It might not be much in some people's eyes but it's all she wanted and expressed interest in over the last few weeks along with things she needs.”

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