Internet left reeling over dad's tribute tattoos of his children's poo

5 November 2020, 14:24

This man's tattoos are leaving people speechless
This man's tattoos are leaving people speechless. Picture: Reddit
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The inkings have been branded the 'worst tattoo' ever seen.

It is not rare for new parents to get a tattoo of their child's name or their date of birth, but these tribute tattoos are unlike anything we've ever seen in our lives.

Instead of names or dates of birth, one dad has had all six of his children's poo tattooed onto the back of his leg.

In an unbelievable post shared on Reddit, one user shared a screengrab from Facebook, where the dad had proudly showed off the inking.

The username had been removed, but the caption from the proud father read: "I got my little turds tattoos on my leg… I [love heart emoji] every stinking one of them.”

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The Dad got a picture of each of his children's poo on the back of his leg
The Dad got a picture of each of his children's poo on the back of his leg. Picture: Reddit

Each image of faeces is accompanied with a name for each child – Bobby, Riley, Lilliana, Chade, Silas and Liela – and finished off with flies to make the overall look more effective.

As you can imagine, the reactions online have been ones of utter shock.

One person commented on the post: "At first I thought these were fallen leaves representing lost loved ones.. How wrong I was.."

Another wrote: "I don't even know what type of tattooist would agree to this."

Other people questioned whether the man's tattoos are not for his children but for his dogs or cats.

Either way, we're not sure we'll ever get over this.

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