The Chase shares first look at new Chaser as fans predict it’s ex-contestant Darragh Ennis

11 November 2020, 10:17 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:05

The Chase teases fans with first-look at new quizzer

The Chase fans are speculating that Darragh Ennis has joined at the new Chaser.

There’s one thing we can rely on to cheer us up every weekday evening, and that’s Bradley Walsh on The Chase.

And now it looks like viewers will soon get to meet a brand new star of the show as ITV have teased a new Chaser.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, bosses shared a video which gives a glimpse of the latest addition to the gameshow.

In the clip, the silhouette of a man can be seen as host Bradley asks a contestant: “Are we taking on a mystery brain box from somewhere on the planet?”

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The caption reads: “Everyone has been asking about it, and today you got a glimpse of what is to come with a look at the new Chaser's silhouette.

A silhouette of the new Chaser has been teased
A silhouette of the new Chaser has been teased. Picture: ITV

“You're going to want to keep watching future episodes to find out more 👀 #TheChase.”

And fans of the show were quick to speculate who they think the new Chaser is, with many guessing it’s former contestant Darragh Ennis.

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One commented: “How cool cant wait to see Darragh in action 💛”

“Hurrah for Darragh!!!,” said another, while a third added: “OMG a new Chaser, I like that."

Darragh appeared as a contestant on The Chase all the way back in March 2017 where he took on Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

He ended up winning £9,000 during the money building round and answering a whopping nine questions right.

Darragh Ennis appeared on The Chase in 2017
Darragh Ennis appeared on The Chase in 2017. Picture: ITV

The former contestant also teased he would be joining the line up earlier this year, as he Tweeted: “I’ve been working hard on this for a while now and can’t wait for my episodes to air. Well the ones I win anyway.”

Paul Sinha also appeared to confirm the news after he revealed the moment ITV bosses announced a new chaser was joining the team.

He said: "The night before they producers told us, Anne and Mark and I sat at dinner and pondered, 'Could it be a former contestant?'

"I said, 'If it is, the best player I faced was an Irish guy who looked a bit like Micky Flanagan'. Welcome to the club mate."

ITV haven’t confirmed the rumours, but viewers will hopefully find out soon.

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