Who are the previous winners of The Circle?

16 March 2021, 21:00

The Circle UK past winners: who has won the Channel 4 show in the past and were they catfish?

The regular series of The Circle UK kicks off this week, following the final of the first ever celeb version of the series on Monday.

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It will be the third season of the Channel 4 show, which first hit screens in 2018.

If you aren't familiar with the premise of the show, it sees players move into separate flats in an apartment building - but they never meet face-to-face.

Instead, they get to know each other on social media app 'The Circle' - meaning they are free to play as themselves or catfish their fellow contestants.

Here's your need-to-know on the previous winners.

Who won series one of The Circle?

Alex Hobern won the first series pretending to be a woman named Kate
Alex Hobern won the first series pretending to be a woman named Kate. Picture: Channel 4

The first ever series of the show was won by a 26-year-old man named Alex Hobern. He was a 'catfish', and played the game pretending to be a 25-year-old woman named Kate, using his girlfriend's photos to do so.

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Who won series two of The Circle?

Paddy Smyth won the second series of The Circle
Paddy Smyth won the second series of The Circle. Picture: Channel 4

The second series was won by Paddy Smyth, who played as himself.

How is the winner of The Circle decided?

The winner of The Circle is the player voted most popular by their fellow contestants.

Throughout the show, players regularly vote for their favourite contestants - with 'influencers' regularly deciding who to block from The Circle.

What does the winner of The Circle get?

The winner of the regular series of The Circle gets a cash prize, which is £50,000. In addition, there is a 'viewers champion', who gets an additional £25,000.

When is The Circle on Channel 4?

The show starts on Tuesday 16 March, and will last for around three weeks.

Who won The Celebrity Circle?

Lady Leshurr won The Celebrity Circle
Lady Leshurr won The Celebrity Circle. Picture: Channel 4

Lady Leshurr, who was playing as Big Narstie, was crowned the winner of the celeb version of The Circle.

The rapper was in tears when Emma Willis announced that she had beaten Saffron Barker to the top spot.

Opening up to the group at the end of the show, she said: "I feel like such an idiot crying.

"I did this because I lost my sister to breast cancer and this means everything to me, honestly."

Emma then told her: "You were amazing, just brilliant to watch.


Who is the narrator on The Circle?