Beat the Chasers fans convinced contestant was ‘robbed’ of £50k after mispronouncing answer

11 January 2021, 10:51 | Updated: 12 January 2021, 08:53

Beat The Chasers contestant 'robbed of £50k' after mispronunciation

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Viewers of Beat the Chasers think one contestant was robbed in the final episode of the ITV series.

It was another dramatic episode of Beat the Chasers, after one contestant narrowly missed out on £50k.

Esnart from Luton was the first player up to take on the Chasers, but she left with nothing after she pronounced one of her answers wrong.

In the quick-fire round, Bradley Walsh asked her: “Everybody wants to be a cat is a song from what Disney film?”

Project Manager Esnart replied ‘aristocrats’, but Bradley didn’t accept it and responded with the correct answer which is of course, ‘the aristo-cats’.

This stumble wasted vital seconds for Esnart and lost out on a life changing £50k cash prize.

Contestant Esnart missed out of £50,000 on Beat The Chasers
Contestant Esnart missed out of £50,000 on Beat The Chasers. Picture: ITV

But viewers were not happy with the decision not to accept the answer, and many took to Twitter with their opinions.

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One wrote: "#BeatTheChasers @ITV The first contestant was robbed - she got the correct answer, Aristocats. Being told she was wrong threw her off - pay her the £50k. #robbed"

Another said: “esnart answered correctly… she just pronounced it differently!”

A third added: “Come on @ITV Bring back Esnart.. She was robbed!!”

While a fourth agreed: "@ITVChase unfair scoring Esnart incorrectly on the Aristocats question. Twitter is not happy!"

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It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as three other contestants managed to take home big winnings.

Ryan and Jennie took home £10,000, while business development manager Michael from South Wales won a whopping £50,000.

This comes after The Chase star Paul Sinha opened up about dramatic spin off Beat The Chasers, saying it can ‘all get a bit much’ in the studio.

“It was a very emotional and dramatic week,” he told us.

“The reality is, one it gets down to one second it’s all a bit much, the amount of money being won and the very small margins people win or lose that money.

“I think we’ve produced the most dramatic week of TV quizzes that any other show has produced in terms of drama.”

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