Beat The Chasers viewers 'raging' as contestant loses out on £100k by one second

6 January 2021, 07:48 | Updated: 6 January 2021, 07:50

Beat The Chasers contestant misses out on £100,000 by one second

Luigi from Ormskirk gambled his money and faced all five Chasers in the final.

It was another tense instalment of Beat The Chasers on Tuesday night, when one contestant narrowly missed out on a life changing amount of money.

Luigi from Ormskirk started off well when he scored £2,000 in the opening round, despite admitting he guessed most of the answers.

When it came to the final, the contestant was given the choice of taking on between two and five Chasers for increasing amounts of money.

Host Bradley Walsh offered him £2,000 to play against two, £20,000 for three, £50,000 for four, and £100k to play against all five.

Luigi appeared on Beat The Chasers
Luigi appeared on Beat The Chasers. Picture: ITV

Making the offer, Mark told Luigi: “Those weren't generous offers, and unlike the others I've read the rule book from back to front.

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"So I'm going to offer you 49 seconds on our clock and 100 grand says you can't beat all five of us.”

After telling Bradley ‘he’ll only be here once’, Luigi decided to risk playing for the £100k by taking on all five Chasers – Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett.

As the exciting final round kicked off, Luigi impressed viewers as he answered a string of tricky questions correctly.

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And he looked set to take home the huge prize money right up until the final moments when The Chasers began speeding up.

Paul then answered the final question correctly with just one second to go, leaving fans of the show devastated for Luigi.

Many even said he was ‘robbed of time’, with one writing on Twitter: “Luigi should have won that I’m raging #BeatTheChasers.”

“That was so unfair!! Unreal performance from Luigi #BeatTheChasers,” said another, while a third wrote: “Omg my heart still pumping fast after that chase. Feel bad for Luigi!.”

A fourth commented: “Luigi you legend. So close but extremely well played, lots of right answers and VERY quick.”

While a fifth added: “Luigi on #BeatTheChasers was one of the most dramatic rounds of quiz shows ever”.

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