The funniest ever moments of The Chase - including Bradley Walsh slip ups and hilarious innuendos

22 December 2020, 12:12

Take a look back at the most hilarious moments from The Chase
Take a look back at the most hilarious moments from The Chase. Picture: ITV

Bradley Walsh has been keeping us entertained on The Chase for 11 years - let's take back at some iconic moments...

It’s been a tough year for most of us, but there’s one thing we can rely on to cheer us up every evening, and that’s The Chase.

For more than a decade Bradley Walsh has hosted the ITV game show which sees contestants go up against professional quizzers in a bid to win a cash prize.

But over the years, the show hasn’t been without it’s slip ups... So, let’s take a look back at the most iconic moments in The Chase history.

1. When Bradley accidentally broke the set

Bradley Walsh Breaks the Set | The Chase: Bloopers Special

Back in 2018, Bradley managed to punch a hole in The Chase when he got too excited about an answer.

As he was chatting to one contestant, he enthusiastically hit the screen in front of him, causing it to crack.

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2. The woman who passed every question

The Chase contestant dubbed a 'hero' after she passes 13 times

Charan went viral in 2018 when she passed almost every single answer in the cash builder.

The 21-year-old contestant passed the first question, got one right, then proceeded to pass on the remaining 12 questions in a row, some before Bradley had finished speaking.

3. Fanny Chmelar

The Chase - Fanny Chmelar

Bradley Walsh was left in hysterics back in 2013 when he had to ask a question about sportswoman Fanny Chmelar.

The 60-year-old could barely hold himself together for the rest of the episode, and the usually composed Anne Hegerty even burst into laughter.

4. Bradley not being able to finish his sentence

The Chase - Little Jack Horner

Brad went to pieces again in 2017 during a cash builder when he had to ask the question: ‘In the rhyme Little Jack Horner, what digit did Jack put up his pipe?’

The game had to be stopped as Bradley doubled over and put his head in his hands.

5. Coincidental contestant names

The Chase contestants had very coincidental names
The Chase contestants had very coincidental names. Picture: ITV

Earlier this year, The Chase viewers noticed a huge coincidence with the contestant’s names.

Bradley opened the show by introducing the players facing the chaser - first up was Winston, who was sat on the left, followed by Churchill sitting next to him, and then Teresa and June.

Fans immediately noticed that the name of the wartime prime minister of the UK was spelt out with Winston and Churchill.

One person wrote on Twitter at the time: "Production team on #TheChase have had some fun today with Winston Churchill Teresa (not May but) June, fair play."

6. When a question about volleyball gets out of hand

The Chase - Dump, floater and wipe

Another classic Bradley moment, as he once again cracked up in uncontrollable laughter in 2013.

But this time at the 'Dump, floater and wipe' question about volleyball.

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