The Chase fans furious after player knocks £8K off team’s prize

4 February 2022, 09:43

The Chase contestant opts to cut 8000 pounds from overall prize money


By Heart

One contestant on The Chase decided to take £8,000 from their teammates this week.

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Viewers of The Chase have hit out at one contestant after they decided to take £8,000 from their team.

This week, Eirlys bravely took on the quizmasters on Wednesday's show alongside her teammates Melanie, Jeff and Jame.

She was the last to face the Chaser, and managed to rack up a decent £5,000 in the cash builder round.

Her fellow players had already banked an impressive £20,000 against Mark Labbett aka The Beast.

Eirlys appeared on The Chase this week
Eirlys appeared on The Chase this week. Picture: ITV

But when Eirlys took part in the head-to-head round, she decided to pick the lower offer from Mark, which happened to be -£8000.

She told host Bradley Walsh: "As much as I don't really want to take away from the team, I want to get back because the odds of winning are greater. So I’ll take the minus eight.”

Luckily, Eirlys made it back for the final chase, but this came at the expense of the team’s jackpot.

And it didn’t go unnoticed by fans, as one person wrote on Twitter: "Minus 8,000? It would be better to go out than go back to the team with that #BrokenBritain #TheChase."

Eirlys took on The Beast on The Chase
Eirlys took on The Beast on The Chase. Picture: ITV

“Absolutely fuming at the lady on The Chase who took 8 GRAND away from the prize fund to get back and then didn't answer a single question in the final chase,” said another.

While a third added: "Just caught the last bit of the Chase. -8k taken by one of the contestants, not going down very well on Twitter.”

Unfortunately, Mark was able to catch the team with just a few seconds to spare.

This comes after another contestant on The Chase broke an impressive record earlier this week.

The Beast won on The Chase
The Beast won on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Mike, 56, from Gloucestershire managed to bank a huge £11,000 after answering every single question correctly.

Brad was gobsmacked by the result, telling Mike: “That is unbelievable! That was amazing!”

And viewers at home were just as impressed, with one writing: "This Mike is on another level to anything I’ve seen before".

“11k in the cash builder without getting a question wrong? Mike is gonna give the chaser a run for their money today #TheChase,” said someone else.

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