The Chase’s Mark Labbett issues apology after walking off set and punching wall

27 January 2022, 08:04 | Updated: 27 January 2022, 08:16

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Mark Labbett has explained why he walked off the set of The Chase, saying his 'mental health was shot'.

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The Chase star Mark Labbett has been supported by his fans after he walked off set on Wednesdays show.

During the old episode, contestants Simon, Trudy, Gurbinder and Tom all made it through to the final chase where they went head-to-head against The Beast.

After an impressive showdown, the players managed to beat the chaser and take home an incredible £21,000 prize.

Mark Labbett lost on The Chase
Mark Labbett lost on The Chase. Picture: ITV
The contestants won on The Chase
The contestants won on The Chase. Picture: ITV

When host Bradley Walsh asked Mark what he had to say, he responded by congratulating the team, before adding: “I’m off!”

The professional quizzer then got up from his chair and stormed off set, hitting the wall on his way out.

Bradley later said to the camera: "I apologise to any kids watching, that is not how you should take defeat."

Now Mark has taken to Twitter to apologise for his actions, explaining that he was having a bad mental health day.

He told his followers: "Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behaviour tonight.

Mark Labbett stormed off The Chase
Mark Labbett stormed off The Chase. Picture: ITV

"My mental health was shot before that game, it was storm off or break down in tears."

The star added: "A remorseless diet of quality opponents didn’t help #thechase"

Mark was flooded with support, as fellow Chaser Paul Sinha replied: "You should never have to apologise for the crime of "being human". I'd have been nowhere on those questions."

Someone else said: "Definitely do NOT apologise. Everyone thinks the world of you. I love ALL of my chasers. Be kind to yourself Mark."

A third person added: "I assumed you were putting on a show, living up to your Beastie Boy persona. I am sorry if you were feeling unwell at that time.

"A lot of us can empathise with these negative thoughts and feelings. Love and best wishes to you".

While a fourth penned: "Mental health is the hardest thing for any individual to control. You were a superb teacher and are a great quizzer and tv personality. We all have bad days chin up mate. You will get through it and come out stronger."

Back in 2017, Mark explained why he stormed off set in the infamous episode, telling Lorraine: “It’s what I do, to say I’m the best in the world at what I do is an arrogant statement but it’s true.

“I want to live up to that, all of us just want to be the best.”