The Chase’s Bradley Walsh gobsmacked after 'record-breaking' round

2 February 2022, 09:06 | Updated: 2 February 2022, 09:47

The Chase contestant stuns Bradley Walsh by earning £11,000 pounds in the question round


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A contestant on The Chase contestant has been dubbed as the 'new Chaser' after his amazing cash builder.

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Bradley Walsh was left with his mouth open when one player on The Chase managed to answer a whopping 11 questions in the first round.

The host welcomed four new quizzers on Tuesday's edition, with Mike, Anne-Marie, Katie and Alex trying their luck on the show.

Airline consultant Mike was up first to put his general knowledge to the test in the cash builder round, and it’s fair to say he had a very good start.

Bradley Walsh was shocked by a contestant on The Chase
Bradley Walsh was shocked by a contestant on The Chase. Picture: ITV

In fact, the 56-year-old from Gloucestershire managed to bank a huge £11,000 after answering every single question correctly.

Brad was gobsmacked by the result, telling Mike: “That is unbelievable! That was amazing!”

And viewers at home were just as impressed, with one writing: "This Mike is on another level to anything I’ve seen before".

“11k in the cash builder without getting a question wrong? Mike is gonna give the chaser a run for their money today #TheChase,” said someone else.

Mike built up 11 correct answers on The Chase
Mike built up 11 correct answers on The Chase. Picture: ITV

A third commented: “Mike is single-handedly winning the chase tonight #thechase”.

While a fourth pointed out: “A brilliant cash builder from Mike, just the 5th £11k score in almost 10 years. #TheChase.”

And a fifth added: "Mike just scored £11,000 in the cash builder. To say that's crazy is an understatement.”

Mike ended up sticking with his £11,000 and confidently made his way to the final Chase against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

The Chaser managed to win with three seconds to go
The Chaser managed to win with three seconds to go. Picture: ITV

He was joined by Anne-Marie and Alex, with the trio competing for a combined total of £21,000

The team managed to build up 19 steps in the last round, before the Sinnerman took to the hot seat in an extremely tense final.

With just a few seconds to go, Bradley asked The Sinnerman: “Montevideo is the most southerly capital on what continent?", to which he correctly answered as South America and managed to cinch the win.

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