Tim Allen reveals Toy Story 4 ending is so emotional he couldn’t get through it

23 November 2018, 12:13 | Updated: 23 November 2018, 12:44

Tim Allen poses with his character, Buzz Lightyear
Tim Allen poses with his character, Buzz Lightyear. Picture: Rex

Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear, has warned that the ending of Toy Story 4 is set to be a tear jerker.

Whilst most of us are still struggling to get over the ending of Toy Story 3, Tim Allen has wanted that the upcoming 4th movie is set to tug on our heartstrings just as much.

Tim, who has voiced Buzz Lightyear in all the movies, revealed that he found the final pages so tough he struggled to get through them.

The actor revealed: "The last scene of the movie I couldn't even get through it.

"I thought there were pages after it. I read it and I had to turn around from reading it in the studio, it was so emotional. It's a 'Scarlett I don't give a damn moment.'"

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Tim also teased that fans were in for a treat from start to finish, and added: "It is so good, these guys are geniuses, it's so deep and moving and a wonderful plot.

"I can't give anything away, but it's about different kinds of toys. They will really surprise you with the toys they come up with, characters come back, new guys [are] in it.''

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Tim also announced that Keanu Reeves will be adding his voice to the mix.

He explained: "Actually, a little inside story, even [Reeves] said - gentle, wonderful guy that he is - 'This [character] sounds too much like Buzz Lightyear.'"And his character does have an edge to that."

Toy Story 4 is due to be released in June 2019, 24 years after the original was released in 1995.

Toy Story 2 burst onto the big screen in 1999, before the third arrived in 2010 with a string of new characters.