Tracy Beaker's Bouncer actor Ben Hanson is unrecognisable 16 years after show

17 February 2021, 10:12

Ben Hanson played Bouncer in Tracy Beaker
Ben Hanson played Bouncer in Tracy Beaker. Picture: BBC/Instagram
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By Heart reporter

The actor who played Bouncer in Tracy Beaker looks totally different now.

Tracy Beaker star Ben Hanson looks totally unrecognisable 16 years after he appeared on the show.

The actor played 'Bouncer' Plakova in the CBBC drama from 2003 - 2005, who lived with Tracy (Dani Harmer) and the rest of the Dumping Ground kids.

And now a 35-year-old man, Ben looks totally different from his teenage character in the early noughties.

Over the past three years Ben has become a personal trainer and often shares topless selfies from the gym on Instagram.

He also posts lots of photos alongside his long term girlfriend Lily Arabella, as well sweet snaps with his family and friends.

Following his stint on The Story of Tracy Beaker, Ben has continued acting by bagging some roles in pantomime and has also presented a bit on CBBC.

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And fans of the show will be glad to know he is still friends with his old co-stars, as he recently shared photos working out with Louise Goven actress Chelsie Padley.

Meanwhile, CBBC recently aired the new series My Mum Tracy Beaker which explores single mum Tracy's relationship with her daughter, Jess.

The BBC synopsis reads: "Jess Beaker loves her life with her mum Tracy, until famous footballer Sean Godfrey enters the picture!"

Dani Harmer reprised her iconic role of Tracy Beaker, while Montanna Thompson (Justine Littlewood) and Lisa Coleman (Cam Lawson) also starred.

Ben Hanson played Bouncer in Tracy Beaker back in 2003
Ben Hanson played Bouncer in Tracy Beaker back in 2003. Picture: BBC

Speaking about reading the script for the first time, Dani Harmer said: “As soon as I read it I was like, ‘This is exactly how Tracy would be as a mum’,

“Her daughter is amazing. They’re kind of complete opposites to be honest with you. Obviously, Tracy kind of just speaks before she thinks – she’s very emotional, she’s very feisty.

"Whereas Jess is a bit more reserved. She’s a bit more chilled, she is really intelligent.

"But those two together, it’s just a match made in heaven. They’re not only mother and daughter, they’re friends as well and I think that comes across in the show."

Montanna Thompson, who plays Justine, added: "People watching in their front rooms have grown up with us growing up on screen! It shows how many years have passed, which people don’t realise when they’re re-watching the series on BBC iPlayer.

"Suddenly, everyone has grown up! It does make me realise, even though it feels like yesterday sometimes, it's not and when I watch myself in the first series when I'm 11, it feels crazy that it was so many years ago.”

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