Tyson Fury's wife Paris shocks Loose Women viewers after saying she'd be 'quite pleased' if family dog died

20 January 2021, 10:18 | Updated: 20 January 2021, 10:21

Paris Tyson 'wouldn't care if her dog died'

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Paris Fury has divided opinion after she said she wouldn’t care if her dog died.

Loose Women viewers were left shocked when Paris Fury said she wouldn't miss her pet dog if it was gone.

The panelists were talking about losing a pet on Tuesday afternoons show, with Linda Robson and Janet Street-Porter arguing pet grief should be taken more seriously.

But Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, 30, confessed she didn’t understand why someone would struggle with the loss of their dog or cat.

The mum-of-five told the shocked panel: "Me personally, we've got a little dog but the dog is here, and if it was gone I know it sounds cruel but I'd be quite pleased for her to be gone.

Paris Fury appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday
Paris Fury appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday. Picture: ITV

"She's another problem in the house, I know I probably shouldn't but I've got five peeing, pooping machines in my house, I then have the dog being a peeing and pooping machine, I've got to feed them all, walk them all and wash them all, and Tyson who is a giant peeing pooping machine.

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"I haven't got the time to commit to this puppy dog, the kids are too young to do it all and what we said before I'm the one who has been lumbered with the dog, and the one who cares for her and looks after her all the time and I just don't have that connection."

Despite calling her pooch a ‘problem’, Paris later added that she had no plans to get rid of the dog and had actually become ‘attached’.

She said: "I'm the one who has had to get attached, I didn't want to.

“I denied Tyson and the kids of a dog for 10 years and then when we got one I'm the only one who cares for her now, so I'll keep her and she will have to be here forever."

Loose Women’s Charlene White also confessed that she couldn't understand a pet being seen as a member of the family like a human.

But viewers at home were divided over Paris’ statement, with one writing: "As someone that would do anything to have their beloved little soul mate back, I am appalled by her utter lack of empathy.”

Another agreed: "If she didn't want a dog they why did she get it?”

While a third added: "Your gorgeous dog deserves love, not tolerance."

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