Where was Channel 4’s Help filmed?

16 September 2021, 18:27

Here's where Help was filmed
Here's where Help was filmed. Picture: Channel 4/Alamy

Where was Bright Sky Homes filmed? Here's what we know about Channel 4's Help...

Channel 4 is back with a brand new drama called Help.

The feature length episode tells the story of Sarah (Jodie Comer), a care home worker who gets a job at the fictional Bright Sky Homes.

Sarah then forms a bond with a 47-year-old patient Tony (Stephen Graham) who has early onset Alzheimers.

But things take a turn for the worse when the pandemic hits and the staff at the home are forced to deal with the extreme pressure of taking care of their residents.

Help is filmed mostly in Liverpool
Help is filmed mostly in Liverpool. Picture: Alamy

So, as we sit down to watch the powerful drama - where was it filmed? Here’s what we know…

Where was Channel 4’s Help filmed?

Help is set and filmed in Liverpool, England.

Actors Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham were also seen shooting scenes for Help in Cheshire and another location used was Thurstaston Beach on the Wirral.

They even filmed some scenes in caravans, as many carers were forced to move into mobile homes during the pandemic.

This was to help reduce their chance of catching Covid or passing it on to the patients.

Thurstaston Beach was used to film Help
Thurstaston Beach was used to film Help. Picture: Alamy

Where was Bright Sky Homes filmed?

Bright Sky Homes is entirely fictional, but it is set somewhere in the city centre.

The location used was a former care home in Maghull, Sefton.

One particularly poignant scene in the care home sees Sarah left on her own on a night shift.

This lasts for 25 minutes and sees Sarah struggle to care for Covid patients in the care home on her own.

As the film is set in Liverpool, both Jodie and Stephen could use their real accents.

Opening up about preparing for the role, Jodie said: "I spoke with a lot of carers and they were very honest about what it was like during those early days of the pandemic.

“There were times when I was wondering why my character wasn’t wearing a mask, but then I remembered they were told they didn’t need them at that time!"