Who killed Andrew Earlham in Liar season 2? All the suspects from Laura Nielson to Luke Earlham

9 March 2020, 14:44 | Updated: 9 March 2020, 14:46

The suspects for the murder of Andrew Earlham have been revealed as Liar season 2 kicks off.

Back in 2017, Liar fans will remember evil Dr Andrew Earlham was exposed as a rapist after he attacked Laura Neilson following a date.

But after Laura (Joanne Froggartt) finally found the evidence she needed to take him to court, the finale tense scene saw Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) lying dead in the marshes with his throat slit.

Now Liar is back for a new series, this time kicking off three weeks after Andrew disappeared.

Liar is back for season 2
Liar is back for season 2. Picture: ITV

Told through flashbacks, the story will see Detective Karen Renton (Katherine Kelly) tasked with finding out what really happened before Andrew’s murder.

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But as Laura Neilson faces a murder charge, who are the other suspects of the crime?

Who murdered Andrew Earlham?

Andrew Earlham murder suspect 1: Laura Nielson

Laura Neilson is the prime suspect
Laura Neilson is the prime suspect. Picture: ITV

Obviously, Laura is suspect number one for the murder of Andrew Earlham. This wouldn’t be the first time she attacked the evil doctor, as she previously kidnapped and drugged him in the first season.

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It’s unlikely Laura is the murderer as we predict there are many twists and turns along the way.

Speaking ahead of series 2, actress Joanne hinted that Laura said: "Laura is under suspicion. She feels angry the injustice has carried on and she is now a suspect. Andrew is still haunting her.

"But several characters had a reason to want something terrible to happen to Andrew. It shows how one person's actions have a snowball effect on so many lives."

Andrew Earlham murder suspect 2: Luke Earlham

Andrew Earlham's son Luke
Andrew Earlham's son Luke. Picture: ITV

Despite defending his dad to begin with, Luke (Jamie Flatters) started to question him when Andrew asked his son to give a fake alibi to the police.

So will Luke turn on his father as we find out more about the Earlham family and the abuse of Andrew’s ex wife?

Andrew Earlham murder suspect 3: Katy Sutcliffe

Viewers found out in series one that Katy (Zoë Tapper) had an affair with Laura's then-boyfriend Tom.

With Katy's marriage to husband Liam (Richie Campbell) in tatters, she has little to lose and previously promised to do "anything" to make up for betraying her sister.

Andrew Earlham murder suspect 4: Jennifer

Did Jennifer get revenge on Andrew Earlham?
Did Jennifer get revenge on Andrew Earlham? Picture: ITV

She may have only had a small part to play in the previous series, but soldier Jennifer (Jill Halfpenny) returned from Iraq in the last episode to find out that her girlfriend Vanessa had been raped by Andrew while she was pregnant.

Andrew Earlham murder suspect 5: Carl Peterson

Carl Peterson on Liar season two
Carl Peterson on Liar season two. Picture: ITV

Carl (Howard Charles) is the husband of Winnie, who has recently been revealed as one of Andrew’s victims.

He was heard saying: “I blamed you when I should have been protecting you. How is that not my fault?”

Carl also works at the boatyard and was also seen cleaning blood off a hook on a boat.