What happened at the end of Liar season 1 and is this the last series?

9 March 2020, 14:40

What happened at the end of Liar series one? Find out what fans can expect for this season.

The last series of Liar drew in a whopping 9.1 million viewers in 2017 as Andrew Earlham’s body was seen lifeless on the Kent marshes.

And as it returns for another season, fans are desperate to find out what really happened to the evil rapist and whether Laura Nielson had anything to do with it.

But what exactly happened in the first series and will there be a season three? Here’s everything we know so far…

Liar season 2 is back after three years
Liar season 2 is back after three years. Picture: ITV

What happened in Liar season one?

Liar saw school teacher Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggartt) accuse respected surgeon Andrew Earlham (Gruffudd) of rape.

The series started by following both sides of the story, with viewers not knowing whether Andrew was guilty.

Laura was accused of making false allegations about being drugged by the doctor, with both their backgrounds looked into throughout each episode.

But as Andrew continued to plead innocence, it was revealed he had sexually assaulted her, along with other women.

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During tense scenes Laura uncovered footage of Andrew raping a 17-year-old, but by the time the police rushed to arrest him, he’d disappeared.

In the closing scene of the final episode, Andrew is then seen in the muddy marshes, with his clothes soaking wet and his throat slit.

What will happen in Liar season two?

The second series will pick up three weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for Andrew over the rape of Laura and assault of 18 other women.

After Andrew’s body is found in the Kent marshes, a murder investigation gets under way.

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Joanne Froggatt and Katherine Kelly
Joanne Froggatt and Katherine Kelly. Picture: ITV

Brand-new Detective Inspector Karen Renton (Katherine Kelly) and DS Rory Maxwell are determined to get to the bottom of things, with flashbacks giving clues to who is responsible.

An obvious murder suspect is Laura, but did she really kill her abuser? Viewers will have to wait and see…

Will there be another series of Liar?

Unfortunately, it looks like series 2 of Liar is the last.

Actress Joanne Froggartt recently said: “This is the last series, there will be no Liar," adding: "It is a very satisfying ending."

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