Who killed Nick Brewer in Clickbait?

1 September 2021, 11:51 | Updated: 1 September 2021, 14:25

Who killed Nick Brewer?
Who killed Nick Brewer? Picture: Netflix

Who kidnapped and killed Nick Brewer in Netflix series Clickbait? Here is a breakdown of all the spoilers you need...

Clickbait has taken us all by absolute storm since dropping on Netflix last week, and our heads are still reeling from *that* shocking ending.

The eight-part thriller series follows the aftermath of the kidnap of a family man named Nick Brewer (played by Adrian Grenier), who appears in a viral video holding a sign reading: "I abuse women. At five million views, I die."

His sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) and wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) rush to find out what happened to him, and soon discover that Nick may not have been the man they thought he was.

Here's your need-to-know on what happened to Nick, and how it all panned out...

**Major spoilers for Clickbait ahead**

Clickbait is streaming on Netflix now
Clickbait is streaming on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

What happened to Nick Brewer?

We finally started to find out what exactly happened to Nick on the morning he got kidnapped in episode 6, 'The Brother'.

After it emerged that Nick had seemingly told his sister Sarah (Taylor Ferguson) to take her own life after courting her online, Simon (Daniel Henshall) plots to kill Nick.

In flashback scenes, we see how he and his friend kidnapped him, and forced Nick into appearing in the film.

What may come as a surprise to viewers, however, is that Nick seemed to genuinely deny being involve with any of the women who had come forward. He insists he must have been 'catfished', and shows Simon a shoddy Photoshop job on a picture of him and Sarah as proof.

Eventually, Simon starts to believe that he got the wrong guy, and lets Nick run away when he managed to escape the truck.

This revelation led everyone to then question...

Who killed Nick Brewer?

Many viewers will have been surprised to learn that it wasn't Nick's kidnappers who killed him, but that he died after escaping from the van.

When Nick realised he had been kidnapped, he told Simon that he had only told one person about Sophie's affair (which the catfish had known about). Viewers then learnt that Simon knew who the catfish was, and it became clear that it would be this mystery person who was responsible for his death.

It wasn't Nick Brewer's kidnappers who killed him...
It wasn't Nick Brewer's kidnappers who killed him... Picture: Netflix

Nick's son Ethan discovered that his dad had been catfished after persuading Emma Beesley to admit she had never met him in person.

His online friend Alison then discovers where the catfish lives after looking at the meta data of the pictures sent over by Emma - and texts him the address.

Ethan's younger brother Kai sees the text, and decides to go there with a baseball bat to avenge his dad.

It emerged that Nick Brewer was catfished
It emerged that Nick Brewer was catfished. Picture: Netflix

When he gets there, he discovers that it was the address of Nick's coworker Dawn (Becca Lish), who works on reception at the school, and he temporarily believes he may have been mistaken.

However, it emerges that Dawn did catfish as Nick - after becoming lonely and isolated in her marriage.

Dawn and her husband Ed (Wally Dunn) kidnap Kai to kill him, and flashback scenes show they are covering their backs after murdering Nick Brewer.

Nick came to Dawn's house to confront her after escaping, and, while he was threatening her, Ed killed him by hitting him on the head.

Ed and Dawn kidnap Kai and plan to kill him after realising he knows what they did, but they are caught by the police before getting the chance. Ed is then killed by police after refusing to put his gun down, and Dawn is arrested.

The series ends with Pia and Sophie embracing at Nick's funeral, with Sophie assuring her that they are still family.