Who plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone?

4 May 2021, 14:48

Dean Lennox Kelly is the actor who plays Pekka Rollins - find out his previous TV work, including the UK Channel 4 series Shameless.

If you're a few episodes deep into new Netflix series Shadow and Bone, we're guessing you're wondering where you recognise the cast from.

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One of the characters who many viewers will have seen before is Pekka Rollins, who is played by Dean Lennox Kelly.

Fans of legendary Channel 4 series Shameless will be aware that Dean starred in the show, appearing in six seasons.

Here's your need-to-know on him.

Who plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone?
Who plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone? Picture: Netflix

Who is Dean Lennox Kelly and who did he play in Shameless?

Dean Lennox Kelly, 45, plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone.

He played Kevin Ball in Shameless, a part he held from 2004 until 2007 (seasons one-four), returning again for seasons eight and 11.

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Dean played Kev Ball in Shameless
Dean played Kev Ball in Shameless. Picture: Channel 4

What else has Dean Lennox Kelly been in?

Dean also played Meredith Rutter in Jamestown, and has also appeared in Death in Paradise, Silent Witness, and Frankie.

Who does Dean Lennox Kelly play in Shadow and Bone?

Dean plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone, who is the boss of Ketterdam gang Barrel’s Dime Lions.

His co-star Amita Suman, who plays Inej, recently praised his performance in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

She said: "There's just so many incredible characters that go through such a surprising journey. I absolutely loved Pekka Rollins [played by Dean Lennox Kelly]. I don't know what it was about him, but his menacing quality, this uneasiness ... every time he came onto the screen, it made me really, really excited about the future with Shadow and Bone."

How can I watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix?

Shadow and Bone is available to stream now on Netflix.

Is there a trailer for Shadow and Bone?

You can watch the full trailer below:


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