Where was Shadow and Bone filmed?

30 April 2021, 17:56

Where was Shadow and Bone filmed?
Where was Shadow and Bone filmed? Picture: Netflix

Shadow and Bone filming locations: where is the Netflix series drama set?

Shadow and Bone has just dropped on Netflix, and many viewers may be wondering where the series was filmed.

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The story takes place in the fictional 'Grishaverse', which is the universe in which the characters live.

The show features many stunning landscapes that make up the backdrop of its scenes from the outset, including a beautiful forest present in episode one.

Here's your need-to-know on where the show was filmed.

Where was Shadow and Bone filmed?

The series was filmed mostly in Hungary, with a number of scenes being shot in its capital Budapest.

Speaking about her experience of filming the show, Jessie Mei Li, who plays lead character Alina Starkov, told Heart.co.uk: "We were really lucky. Because so many of the scenes were outdoors, we got to visit some really beautiful places, beauty spots.

Most of Shadow and Bone was filmed in Hungary
Most of Shadow and Bone was filmed in Hungary. Picture: Netflix

"I remember mine and Ben’s [Ben Barnes, who plays General Kirigan] first few days officially on set, we were in the countryside, we were in a forest, and it was just completely beautiful and quiet. I remember at one point on our first day one of the crew said ‘what can you hear?’ and he could hear a stag, someone could hear a stag bellowing in the distance."

A number of tourist spots in Budapest were used for filming, including art galleries and forests.

What is Shadow and Bone about?

Shadow and Bone centres around a soldier named Alina Starkov, who lives in a fictional country named Ravka, which is located in the Grishaverse.

The country is split by a huge expanse of shadows that is home to dangerous monsters.

Because of the 'shadow fold', the people of east Ravka are imprisoned by all sides of the fold and the neighbouring countries.

During a quest through the Shadow Fold, Alina discovers that she has the power to manipulate light while trying to save her best friend from the monsters - and she then becomes key in the mission to destroy the fold.

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Shadow and Bone is available to watch on Netflix now
Shadow and Bone is available to watch on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

The story is based on the Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows duology, both written by Leigh Bardugo.

Describing the story, Leigh told Heart.co.uk: "It’s a story of a young woman who has spent her life being overlooked and thinking of herself as expendable.

"She’s really little more than a grunt in the King’s Army until she is sent through this territory of darkness known as the shadow fold - and is attacked and reveals a power that could be the key to setting her nation free."


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