The Woman in the House Across the Street: ending of Netflix series explained

31 January 2022, 13:02

The Woman in the House ending explained
The Woman in the House ending explained. Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

The Woman in the House ending explained: find out what happened with the twist at the end of the Netflix series.

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The Woman in the House across the Street from the Girl in the Window is a brand-new parody Netflix horror series starring Kristen Bell.

The eight-part series has proved hugely popular with viewers since it was released earlier this month, and it's shot right up to the top of the streaming service's charts.

The comedy series centres around a former child psychologist named Anna (Kristen Bell), who has become a heavy drinker and recluse after the death of her daughter.

Many viewers will be aware that the series appears to be a satire of a number of popular horror films, including The Girl on the Train (2016) and The Woman in the Window (2021), as it includes a number of apparent references to these.

**Spoilers for The Woman in the House across the Street from the Girl in the Window ahead**

If you've just polished off all eight episodes, you may be a little bit confused about how the series ended.

At the start of the series, Anna appears to see her neighbour Neil's girlfriend Lisa be murdered at the window. After Anna calls the police to report the murder, she is told that Lisa isn't dead.

The series sees Anna desperately try to prove she isn't crazy.

Who killed Lisa in The Woman in the House?

Who killed Lisa?
Who killed Lisa? Picture: Netflix

While Neil, her handyman Bruell, and Lisa's scam artist partner Rex are all prime suspects, it actually turns out that Neil's daughter Emma killed Lisa.

It all comes out when Anna finds Bruell lying on the floor of the house with his throat cut, with Emma standing nearby holding the knife. Neil was also murdered by Emma because she didn't like his ventriloquist dummy routine.

Emma reveals that she killed Lisa because she didn't buy her any chocolate boxes for her school.

It turned out that Emma was the killer all along
It turned out that Emma was the killer all along. Picture: Netflix

It is then revealed that Emma has been a serial killer for some time - and had also killed her own mother because she wanted to be an only child.

The end of the series saw a time jump, which some viewers may have been confused about.

The series jumped forward one year, where Anna is back with Douglas and they have another child. Anna is shown at the airport heading off to New York to see her sister, and she seems to be in a better place than she was.

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