Families reunited in Wales as lockdown eases

6 July 2020, 08:11 | Updated: 6 July 2020, 08:24

Hand in hand
Hand in hand. Picture: Global

For the first time in over a hundred days, family and friends across Wales will see each other again as travel rules change and households join together.

The "stay local" travel rule comes to an end

The end of the regulations which have required us to stay in our local area mean we can move across Wales to reunite with family and friends for the first time since lockdown began in March.

It'll also mean reunions with loved ones across the border with England.

Gatherings of people from two separate households have been allowed outside for some time (with social distancing between households). But now those from different parts of the country can come together.

Extended household "bubbles" allow close contact

Also coming into force are rules allowing "extended households". This means that two households of any size in Wales (or one in Wales and one in England, so long as both country's rules are followed) can join together as one.

This means that under all the other regulations, they are treated as a single household. Members of the extended households can spend time together indoors and do not need to follow social distancing.

In announcing the move First Minister Mark Drakeford said he hoped this would allow grandparents to hug their grandchildren for the first time in months.

Each household can only enter into an "extended household" arrangement with one other. Once established the members can not change or be swapped.

Motorway traffic near Cardiff as Welsh Government lifts travel restriction
Motorway traffic near Cardiff as Welsh Government lifts travel restriction. Picture: Getty

Wales' leisure sector begins to reopen

As the "stay local" rule is dropped, Wales' outdoor leisure attractions can reopen today.

Some of the castles and similar attractions managed by Cadw are among those being unlocked.

Meanwhile, we prepare to welcome back those who have been looking forward to visiting our country.

Self-contained accommodation providers are able to take bookings from Saturday the 11th of July as tourists return to Wales, if conditions allow this to proceed. A decision from the Welsh Government is due on the 9th of July.

From Monday the 15th of July pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will be allowed to open their outdoor areas.

Keep Wales Safe

The First Minister and representatives from Wales' local authorities and national parks have encouraged us to respect the natural environment and rural communities.

Following scenes of gatherings at beaches and large amounts of litter left at beauty spots, we're being encouraged to follow a revised version of the "Countryside Code" to help protect and keep these areas safe.