Dead to Me season 3: Everything we know so far from release date to storyline and cast

7 July 2020, 14:21

Dead to Me season three is on the way, but it will be the last one
Dead to Me season three is on the way, but it will be the last one. Picture: Netflix
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

As Netlfix confirms the return of Dead to Me for a third and final season, we take a look at what we know about the upcoming series so far.

This week, Netflix confirmed that Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli, will be returning for a third and final series on the streaming platform.

The hit drama, which was first released in May 2019, will tie up loose ends and unanswered questions in this third and final series.

While there is not a lot of information so far about the newest season of Dead to Me, here's everything we know so far:

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Is there going to be a third season of Dead to Me and is it the final series?

On Monday, July 7, Netflix announced on Twitter that Dead to Me will be returning for a third and final series.

The show's first two series are currently on the streaming service, and tell the story of unlikely friends Jen and Judy as they attempt to wriggle their way out of some very sticky situations.

Actress Christina Applegate, who plays Jen, said on the third season: "I will miss these ladies. But we felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women. Thank you to all the fans. We will be getting back to work when it is safe to do so. Much love."

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli will return as Judy and Jen in the hit drama
Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli will return as Judy and Jen in the hit drama. Picture: PA/Instagram

When will season three of Dead to Me be out?

Netflix are yet to confirm a date for the final series, but keeping in mind it doesn't sound like they have started filming yet – amid the pandemic – we can guess a little while yet.

There was around a year between the first and second series release, which means we could be treated to the final instalment in 2021.

What happened in season 2 of Dead to Me?

WARNING - spoilers below.

After a great first season, Dead to Me returned with a bang when season two was released, keeping fans happy with the twisting storyline and character development.

At the beginning of the second series, Jen and Judy must work out a way to get rid of Steve's body after Jen kills him in a state of rage.

The pair hide the body in Jen's freezer for sometime, before they later decide to bury the body in a forrest.

In the meantime, Steve's twin brother comes into town looking for his sibling, and starts a complicated romantic relationship with Jen, who struggles to deal with what she did.

Judy also struggles to deal with the death of her former fiancé, especially when Jen reveals that she did not murder him in self defence, but in a state of rage.

Attempting to move on with their lives, Judy starts a relationship with a woman called Michelle, who just happens to be the ex of the detective investigating Jen's husband's hit-and-run as well as Steve's missing person case.

In the show's climax, Jen decides to go to detective Ana Perez to confess what she did, leaving a letter for Judy and her two sons behind.

However, after Jen is unable to find Steve's body in the woods, detective Perez allows her to go home and appears to push her confession to one side.

The final scene sees Jen and Judy driving a new car for Jen's son, Charlie, down the road when they are involved in a crash.

The driver is Steve's brother, who has been drinking, and he quickly speeds off after the crash in order to not be caught.

The season also ends with Charlie, Jen's son, discovering the letter his mum had previously written to Judy before going to the police, which details everything that has happened between them, including the fact Judy was the person who killed Charlie's father in the hit-and-run in the first series.

Jen and Judy were left in a car crash in the final scene of season two
Jen and Judy were left in a car crash in the final scene of season two. Picture: Netflix

Who will be in the cast of Dead to Me season 3 and what will the storyline be?

At the moment, details of the third season are up in the air.

Regarding the cast, people expect to see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardinelli return as the famous Jen and Judy, as they both appear to survive the car crash which finished off season two.

James Marsden is also expected to return as we find out the aftermath of the accident.

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