Martin Lewis taken aback as This Morning caller claims she lost money after taking his advice

25 June 2020, 10:55 | Updated: 25 June 2020, 14:58

Phillip and Holly ran a phone-in with Martin Lewis today
Phillip and Holly ran a phone-in with Martin Lewis today. Picture: ITV

The Money Saving Expert explained that there's always been a high chance that many will lose money by not getting a refund from their holiday company and that his advice was not incorrect.

Today's This Morning got very heated during Martin Lewis' phone-in section, after a caller claimed she is now out of pocket after taking his advice.

Phillip and Holly were left looking awkward after the Money Saving Expert, 48, was put on the spot after caller Susannah said she took Martin's advice and reversed back a transaction to a package holiday company.

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The segment got very heated
The segment got very heated. Picture: ITV

Susannah explained that she had booked a holiday which wouldn't refund her despite her not being able to fly, so she took Martin's previous advice and went to her bank, asking for a return on the transaction.

While all seemed fine to start and she got her money back, the bank came back to Susannah and told her they would now be reversing this again they called Martin's advice incorrect and she owed the bank the money once more.

She was frustrated and told the show she has been left out of pocket as when she initially got the refund from the bank, she gave the right amounts to all of her friends who had booked the holiday with her, but of course, she was now left in debt as they'd already been given their share of the cost back and she had to cover them.

Martin Lewis looked awkward when faced with the caller
Martin Lewis looked awkward when faced with the caller. Picture: ITV

Upon hearing this and being put on the spot, Martin seemed shocked, but managed to explain to Susannah that this is a dispute process and that her holiday provider has clearly disputed her dispute, and that she needed to go back again once more.

He also explained that his advice wasn't incorrect but that this is all a process which doesn't mean you're always guaranteed to win your money back.

After the call, which ended in him telling Susannah to push back again and then potentially go to the ombudsman, Martin gave a disclaimer that he has said multiple time that unfortunately people will be losing a lot of money as a result of this pandemic, and travel companies breaking laws.

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Following this, Martin and Phillip got in a heated debate when discussing travel laws and whether people should be allowed a refund if they decide not to go on a holiday, despite the government allowing it.

Martin stated that unfortunately, people will lose out if they decide not to go on a holiday purely through choice, as if the Foreign Office's advice changes (which it is soon expected to), they won't be able to get a refund.

The journalist and finance expert has been helping thousands through the pandemic and recently hit a million followers on Twitter.

He detailed how his notifications are filled with angry holidaymakers who are furious at travel companies for not giving them refunds, and that a lot of these people seem to blame him for that.

Martin has taken on a lot of individual companies, but said that "there are thousands" of travel companies and he couldn't possibly take all of them on, but he is trying his best to help out as many Brits as possible.