Aldi urgently recalls Rooster chicken products over salmonella threat

8 October 2020, 10:19

Aldi has recalled two products
Aldi has recalled two products. Picture: PA Images/Aldi

Supermarket Aldi has issued a warning to customers over their chicken products.

Aldi has issued an urgent recall of two of their Roosters products this week.

The supermarket giant has warned that their Southern Fried Poppin’ Chicken and Breaded Poppin' Chicken could contain salmonella.

A notice on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website states: "Aldi has recalled Roosters Southern Fried Poppin’ Chicken and Roosters Breaded Poppin' Chicken because the products may contain salmonella."

The product recall applies to the 210g chicken packs with batch codes L15320, L14720, L14820, L14920, L15020, L15120, L16020.

Affected products also have a best before date of May 25, 2022.

Aldi roosters poppin' chicken could contain salmonella
Aldi roosters poppin' chicken could contain salmonella. Picture: Aldi

Aldi has warned customers who have bought the affected products to avoid eating them.

Instead, they should be returned to your nearest Aldi store for a full refund and can use Aldi's shop locator to find your closest one.

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An Aldi spokesperson has since reassured customers that this is just a precaution, as they told The Sun: “We are recalling specific batches of these products as a precaution as they may contain traces of salmonella.

"Customers are advised not to eat these products and should return them to store for a full refund."

Salmonella is the type of bacteria that’s the most frequently reported cause of food-related illness.

It can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, and pain and cramping in your belly.

Most people get better on their own at home within 4 to 7 days, but in severe cases patients may need to go to the hospital.

Aldi added in a recall notice on the Food Standards Agency website: "We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation."

What to do if you’ve bought one of the Roosters chicken products?

If you have one of the affected Roosters chicken products in your freezer, do not eat them, as you may develop food poisoning.

You can return the products to your nearest Aldi store for a full refund.

If you'd like more information, you can email Aldi’s customer service at or call 0800 042 0800.

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