Mum left furious after discovering sister-in-law is selling baby clothes she'd passed down to her

8 October 2020, 09:06 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 09:26

A woman has said she is furious after catching her sister in law selling baby clothes handed down
A woman has said she is furious after catching her sister in law selling baby clothes handed down. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Some branded the sister-in-law 'cheeky' for selling hand-me-down clothes online.

A woman has said she is seething after she found out her sister-in-law was selling baby clothes that she had passed down to her.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she kindly passed down a bunch of items that she no longer needed to her brother’s wife.

But just days later she found the items listed on a local Facebook group.

She wrote: “It is making me feel as though I probably won't give her any more stuff, I'll just take it to the charity shop (if they actually want it obvs) or donate to a local clothes bank etc.

“It's also making me grit my teeth a bit when she describes things as ‘barely worn’ and I'm thinking, ‘er, I got that second hand and my kids wore the s*** out of it’.”

Many branded the sister in law 'cheeky'
Many branded the sister in law 'cheeky'. Picture: Getty Images

The mum then asked: “Do I mention it or let it go?”

And it seems as though users were completely divided over the confession, with many agreeing calling it ‘cheeky’ and others defending her sister in law’s actions.

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One penned: “It doesn't sit well with me to sell things you've been given but each to their own. I wouldn't give her much else though - give it to charity or someone else who could use them instead.”

A second said: “If I handed over a bag of clothes/equipment, and I saw it instantly uploaded to a selling site I'd be a bit miffed.”

While a third added: “I think it’s cheeky. If she’s really desperate for cash, I could understand it, but it’s not something I’d do.”

But others disagreed, with one user writing: “Unless you stipulated that you wanted them back, why should you care if she gets a few £ for them, gives them away or uses them as dusters?”

Another added: “If you've given her things and not asked for them back (when you gave them) I think they are hers to sell on.”

The woman later responded that it was 'no biggie' but added it's 'left a bad taste'.

She said: "She might well not remember. It's no biggie really is it. And good point too about the hassle of selling stuff online. Tbh though it does fit a pattern of her rinsing people when she sees an opportunity, so it's left a bit of a bad taste."

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