Aldi's £8 spider catcher will help you battle influx of huge spiders... without hurting them

20 August 2019, 13:15 | Updated: 18 September 2019, 11:20

Here's how to get rid of the spider influx in your home
Here's how to get rid of the spider influx in your home. Picture: Getty Images/Aldi

The budget retailer is here to get rid of all those unwanted creepy-crawlies with this handy spider catcher.

If you’re terrified of creepy crawlies, there’s good news because Aldi is now selling the ultimate spider catcher for just £7.99.

But while the handy contraption is set to stop those eight-legged creatures in their tracks, it will also capture them humanely.

Yep, the soft bristles mean spiders of all shapes and sizes can be picked up and safely put outside with absolutely no harm to them.

And heights are no problem for this tool, as the 68cm plastic rod will ensure you can get to all the hardest to reach places those pesky creepy crawlies like to hide in.

Not only does it work on spiders, but the budget shop also claim the catcher can be used with moths, butterflies and daddy long legs.

Aldi is selling a spider catcher
Aldi is selling a spider catcher. Picture: Aldi

It’s very simple to use as well, all you have to do is put the bristles of the catcher toward the insect and then gently squeeze the handles together.

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Once the creature is captured, just take it outside and release the bristles.

The spider catcher will be available online from August 25 but you can pre-order it now. You can also find it in your nearest Aldi store using the online branch locator.

Amazon are also selling one for £14.99.

This comes at the right time as the recent wet weather is said to be bringing spiders into our homes and offices weeks earlier than usual.

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While house spiders usually seek shelter in warm places at the beginning of September, "spider season" has started early as the August washout has tricked the eight-legged creatures into premature mating.

Apparently, the population of false widows — the UK's only poisonous spider - has also increased thanks to the weather.

Pest controller Clive Boase told The Sun: “They’re more common than most people think.

"There are half-a-dozen different species of the false widow and they can survive both indoors and outdoors.

"They prefer suburban areas and are most commonly found around domestic and commercial premises.

"They love conservatories and toilet blocks, window frames, porches, lofts and garages and they like to live beneath kitchen appliances and cupboards.

“They certainly can give a painful bite but only as a last resort.”