Sue Radford gives devastating house update after finding 'dream home'

30 April 2024, 12:44

Sue Radford has given fans an update regarding her 'dream home'
Sue Radford has given fans an update regarding her 'dream home'. Picture: Channel 5

By Hope Wilson

The latest series of 22 Kids & Counting saw Sue and Noel Radford announce they were moving to a stunning farmhouse, however it seems like this is no longer the case.

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Sue Radford, 49, has revealed that she and her family won't be moving into their £850,000 'dream home' after the deal 'fell through'.

During the most recent series of 22 Kids & Counting, viewers watched as Sue and Noel scoped out a secluded farmhouse to be their next home, following a string of privacy concerns at their current dwelling.

The pair seemed enamoured with the new property and put in an offer immediately, which was quickly accepted. However it now seems that the Radford family will not be moving into this picturesque home, after Sue broke the heartwrenching news on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Sue was asked by a fan whether she, Noel and their children would be relocating to the farmhouse. In a prompt reply, Sue disclosed: "No we aren't but it's all in the series yet to air."

Sue and Noel Radford will not be moving into the farmhouse
Sue and Noel Radford will not be moving into the farmhouse . Picture: Channel 5

When another viewer accused the family of looking for a home for "TV ratings and free holidays", the mother-of-22 replied: "No it fell through and we decided that we didn't want a mortgage going into our 60s. Too old for that now."

Sue went on to add: "I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason and I'm so glad he took it off the market now."

Following this admission, the reality star received a flurry of supportive messages from fans who were comforting her, with one user writing: "Aw what a shame. Thought that house was a perfect fit for your family. As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters x."

Sue and Noel Radford look at the camera
Sue and Noel Radford revealed they had privacy issues. Picture: Channel 5

This change of heart comes after Sue and Noel revealed that fans had been turning up at their current Morecambe home unannounced.

Speaking on their show, Sue explained: "People turning up at the house has definitely become a regular occurrence. They’ll start taking pictures. Then the front gate will open and they’ll start walking up the footpath."

The TV favourite continued: "I’m more than happy to meet people out and about. But I think when it’s your house, it’s just not ok. There’s definitely a line we draw with privacy, I think we have to. When they open the gate and knock on the door, that’s a line you don’t cross."

Watch Sue and Noel discuss their scary fan experiences here:

Sue Radford recounts scary fan moment

This led the pair to embark on a quest to find a new home, with the family setting their sights on a five-bedroom, 2,690sqft farmhouse.

Despite the perks this secluded home brought, the space wasn't big enough to house Sue, Noel and their 22 children.

Even with two children to each bedroom, this would have left five kids without a place to sleep. These children were James, 20, Daniel, 24, Luke, 23, Jack, 26, and Katie, 21, who all still currently live with their parents.

Fans appear outside the Radford house
Sue Radford revealed that fans were turning up to house unannounced. Picture: Channel 5

Unable to let her children leave, Sue decided to rent out their Victorian mansion to the remaining children so they would have a place to live.

Breaking the news to their offspring, Sue said: "This journey started off with me and dad falling in love with this house, but we can’t fit everyone in. There’s too many of you."

Noel then added: "We looked at each of you and thought, ‘can they look after themselves?’. ‘No’ was the answer, some of you probably can’t, but do you know what, you’re going to have to start. So you five, you won’t be coming with us."

The influencer continued: "The thought of you going your separate ways was just too much for me to bear. I’ve realised that as much as I really want the house, I want my family more. We want you guys to stay here and rent it from us. Then you’ve still got somewhere to live."

Sue and Noel Radford's Victorian home
Sue and Noel Radford own a Victorian home. Picture: Channel 4

However, following the news that Britain's biggest family will be staying put, it looks like the family will not have to be split up.

Sue has hinted that the upcoming season of 22 Kids & Counting will document their home-hunting journey, so fans will have to wait until the show airs to see what really happened with the house sale.

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