Sue Radford gives fans glimpse inside 'terrible' 10-bedroom family home

6 February 2024, 10:06

Sue Radford has given fans a look into her home
Sue Radford has given fans a look into her home. Picture: YouTube/The Radford Family

By Hope Wilson

The 22 Kids and Counting stars have shown viewers around their home.

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Sue Radford, 48, has given fans an insight into the home she shares with husband Noel Radford, 53, and their 22 children, which they have dubbed 'terrible'.

The 22 Kids and Counting favourites shared a video on their YouTube channel which saw them cleaning their home for the first time since Christmas. Whilst looking under the sofa, Sue found crumbs and even a few sweets leftover from their celebrations, leading to Noel commenting that their findings were 'terrible' and their home was 'chaotic.'

This comes after Sue was unsure she would be able to enjoy a family Christmas, after a sibling feud threatened to ruin the big day. Tensions had risen between Sue and Noel's children, Luke, 23, and Megan, 28, leaving the mother-of-22 nervous that her festive get-together would be left in tatters.

Alongside Sue's tenuous relationship with daughter Millie Radford, 22, fans were unsure whether the whole family would be as one on the big day.

Sue Radford showed fans a glimpse of their sofa
Sue Radford showed fans a glimpse of their sofa. Picture: YouTube/The Radford Family

Luckily Sue and Noel's kids managed to squash their issues and put their arguments behind them in order for the family to celebrate the day in style.

It is said that the family enjoyed a lavish dinner, consuming a Christmas Day menu consisting of: Two turkeys, 60 pigs in blankets, 3kg of Brussels sprouts, 7.5kg of potatoes, 4kg carrots, 60 Yorkshire puddings, 16 litres of fizzy drink, two bottles of cream liqueur, four Christmas puddings, 148 mince pies and one yule log as well as two tubs of family chocolate.

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The Radford family at their Christmas dinner table
The Radford family love Christmas. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family

The Radford's tour around their home comes after Sue and Noel revealed they were moving into their £850,000 'dream home' after their privacy was invaded by fans.

Speaking about their frightening fan interaction, Sue said: "People turning up at the house has definitely become a regular occurrence. They’ll start taking pictures. Then the front gate will open and they’ll start walking up the footpath.

"I’m more than happy to meet people out and about. But I think when it’s your house, it’s just not ok. There’s definitely a line we draw with privacy, I think we have to. When they open the gate and knock on the door, that’s a line you don’t cross."

Fans appear outside the Radford house
Sue Radford revealed that fans were turning up to house unannounced. Picture: Channel 5

However it hasn't been smooth sailing for Sue and Noel after they discovered their new house didn't have enough bedrooms for all of their children.

This led the parents to make a difficult choice, ultimately choosing to keep their current home and allow their elder children to rent rooms from them.

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