Radford family flooded with support after heartbreaking cancer news

22 January 2024, 16:50

The Radford family have raised money for their family friend
The Radford family have raised money for their family friend. Picture: Channel 5

By Hope Wilson

Sue and Noel Radford have been supporting their family friend after being diagnosed with cancer.

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Sue Radford, 44, and her husband Noel, 52, have received an outpouring of support after they revealed their family friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

During last night's episode of 22 Kids and Counting, the Radford's disclosed that the 16-year-old daughter of their friends Jamie and Rebecca Walker, is suffering from a rare form of cancer. According to Sophie's mum, Rebecca, her child has 'been battling Wilms tumour since she was ten-years-old', with the family stating that the NHS haven't provided 'much hope'.

Fans watched as Sue, Noel and their children drove up to Scotland to visit the Walker family, with Rebecca revealing that the NHS 'can't offer us anything further' apart from palliative treatment.

This led the Radford family to put their heads together to find a way to raise money for Sophie's care, after it was revealed treatment abroad could increase her chance of survival.

Sue and Noel Radford revealed their friend had been diagnosed with cancer
Sue and Noel Radford revealed their friend had been diagnosed with cancer. Picture: Channel 5

Casper, Sue and Noel's 11-year-old son, took the lead in fundraising activities by donating some of his favourite toys to a car boot sale.

The family then decided to sign up for a 5K, dubbing it the 'Radford Relay', in a bid to raise as much money through sponsorships.

Sophie's family also started a GoFundMe where the public can donate to fund the youngster's care abroad, so she can have a "promising procedure which would be curative for Sophie."

The Walker family smile
The Walker family are friends of Sue and Noel Radford. Picture: Channel 5

Fans were quick to lend their support to the Walker family and praised Sue, Noel and their children for raising money for Sophie.

Viewers took to Instagram to let the Radford's know how inspired they were by their actions.

One user wrote: "Ahhh Casper is just the most empathetic little soul what a lovely lad he is ❤️ xx"

Another added: "Beautiful family always willing to help others ❤️ they sponsored my little girl a few years ago when she cut her hair for The Little Princess Trust 😊 lovely to see they instil the same values in their beautiful children too 😍"

With a third stating: "For Casper to give up any of his stuffed friends means a lot, he was serious about it for Sophie."

Sophie Walker appears on 22 Kids and Counting
Sophie Walker is a family friend of the Radford family. Picture: Channel 5

This episode comes after it was revealed Sue and Noel had moved into their 'dream home' after privacy issues forced them to leave their Victorian mansion.

Sue explained the reason behind their move, stating: "People turning up at the house has definitely become a regular occurrence. They’ll start taking pictures. Then the front gate will open and they’ll start walking up the footpath.

"I’m more than happy to meet people out and about. But I think when it’s your house, it’s just not ok. There’s definitely a line we draw with privacy, I think we have to.

"When they open the gate and knock on the door, that’s a line you don’t cross."

Sue, Noel, and their children outside their home
Sue and Noel Radford have left their Victorian home for their elder children to live in. Picture: YouTube/The Radford Family

However their new home isn't large enough for their burgeoning brood, as their elder children James, 20, Daniel, 24, Luke, 23, Jack, 26, and Katie, 21, were left without a room.

Luckily for them, Sue and Noel have decided to keep their old home and allow their kids to rent a room from them for the time being.

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