Sue Radford flaunts lavish holiday after hitting back at 'jealous' trolls

10 April 2024, 11:49

The Radford family are off to Florida
The Radford family are off to Florida. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family

By Hope Wilson

The 22 Kids and Counting stars are heading off on a magical trip to the USA.

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Sue Radford, 48, has shared images of her luxurious Florida holiday after clapping back at 'jealous' trolls.

The mum-of-22 and her husband Noel Radford, 52, have taken their brood to Orlando to enjoy their April break.

So far the reality TV favourites have visited Disney World, taking time to enjoy the rides and parades on offer at the park. The family have also posted clips of the children relaxing by their villa pool, as well as sampling some tasty ice cream.

This latest trip comes after Sue and Noel spoke out against internet critics In their new book The Radfords: Making Life Count.

Sue Radford shared pictures with her children in Florida
Sue Radford shared pictures with her children in Florida. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family

Asked why the couple believe their family receive backlash online for their trips abroad, Sue said: "I think it just boils down to jealousy.

"I have the mindset now - particularly since I lost my dad - that if you can afford to go on a holiday, then go.

"Life is definitely too short to say, 'Oh, maybe I should squirrel my money away in the bank' or whatever."

Watch Sue Radford and her family on holiday here:

Sue Radford shares video on holiday

Earlier this week Sue shared images of her family during their first few days in the USA, however fans were quick to comment how different their lives are compared to them.

One follower wrote: "Used to like them but money seems easy to them now. Good on them but bit detached from rest of us now. Hope they have lovely holiday and they deserve it. Just maybe not worth following any moe x"

However Sue responded to the comment, stating: "Not detached at all just living the life we always dreamed of for our children."

Sue Radford shared images by her villa pool
Sue Radford shared images by her villa pool. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family

Other fans have come to Sue's aid and defended the family for taking their kids abroad.

One Instagram user wrote: "Have funnnnn bet the weather is stunning! ❤️"

Whilst another commented: "Have a blast!"

But despite this outpouring of love on social media, the family are no strangers to receiving heat on social media regarding their holiday habits.

The Radford children have had fun in the sun
The Radford children have had fun in the sun. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family

After enjoying trips to the Maldives, the USA and various locations across the UK, Sue and Noel look like they have put the criticism behind them and are enjoying this special time with their children.

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