Sue Radford hits back at viewers who claim 22 Kids & Counting is 'set up'

7 February 2024, 11:24

Sue Radford has clapped back at fans
Sue Radford has clapped back at fans. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family/Channel 5

By Hope Wilson

Sue and Noel Radford have rubbished claims that 22 Kids & Counting is 'fake'.

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Sue Radford, 48, has hit back at viewers who claim her show 22 Kids and Counting is 'set up'.

The mum-of-22 and her husband Noel Radford, 52, have been dogged by claims that their reality series is 'fake' after fans noticed various editing blunders on the show.

During the latest series of 22 Kids and Counting, the Radford family revealed that they have moved house due to privacy concerns after fans turned up at their door.

However viewers were quick to call out Sue and Noel, claiming that the scenes were 'staged' after fans questioned how the visitors knew their address.

Sue and Noel Radford on 22 Kids and Counting
Sue Radford has hit back at fans. Picture: Channel 5

Taking to The Radford Family Instagram account, one user commented on Sue's post about the people turning up at their house, writing: "Are these actors ? Last weeks was so staged."

Another follower added: "Why is this series so staged we were really disappointed after loving all the others this one is just too set up."

This led to Sue sending back a fiery reply, stating: "Absolutely nothing in this episode was set up I can’t believe people actually would think this was set up 🤬"

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Fans appear outside the Radford house
Sue Radford revealed that fans were turning up to house unannounced. Picture: Channel 5

Fans have previously raised concerns around the 'realness' of the show, after viewers spotted an editing error during one episode. X users noticed that Sue's appearance changed during scenes, leading to questions surrounding the validity of the episode.

One person commented: "Sue had long hair when she booked the present for Fathers Day, now it’s short again. It’s such a load of c***. Whoever edits this needs the sack. #22Kidsandcounting"

Another wrote: "They aren’t even pretending to have continuity in this set up show now. Sue’s hair is short then long then short then long again. #22kidsandcounting"

Sue Radford speaks to the camera on 22 Kids and Counting
Sue Radford has also had longer hair on the show 22 Kids and Counting. Picture: Channel 5

This most recent season of 22 Kids and Counting has seen Sue and Noel's daughter Millie Radford, 23, open up about having three children under three-years-old.

Millie revealed that motherhood hasn't been exactly what she thought it would be, confessing: "I don’t think anything could have actually prepared me for this. It’s really not great."

The mother-of-three continued: "Going from one to two, I found that ok, it wasn't too bad. But going from two to three, that was definitely hard."

Millie Radford with her daughters Elodie and Ophelia
Millie Radford has found motherhood trickier than expected. Picture: Channel 5

She also recalled a scary incident where Chester got hold of the iron and switched it on, leading Millie to only discover what was happening when she smelt burning.

Sue gave her opinion on how Millie is coping, stating: "I think Millie is finding having three children with quite small age gaps, challenging. I remember when I had mine, I had three under three, oh my goddess."

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