Millie Radford opens up about having three children under three-years-old

6 February 2024, 15:35

Millie Radford with her children Chester, Elodie and Chester and mother Sue Radford
Millie Radford has opened up about being a young mother. Picture: Instagram/The Radford Family/Channel 5

By Hope Wilson

Sue Radford's daughter Millie Radford has spoken out about the difficulties of motherhood.

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Millie Radford, 22, has opened up about being a mother to three children under three-years-old.

During the latest episode of 22 Kids and Counting, Millie and her mum Sue Radford, 48, discussed what it was like having children so close together in age.

Millie- who is mother to three-year-old Ophelia, one-year-old Chester, and nine-month old Elodie- hasn't found motherhood the easiest of experiences.

Speaking about having young children, Millie confessed: "I don’t think anything could have actually prepared me for this. It’s really not great."

Millie Radford with her daughters Elodie and Ophelia
Millie Radford has found motherhood trickier than expected. Picture: Channel 5

When asked about her children, Millie said that Elodie is: "Very happy. She likes to smile. She has the best smile and giggle ever. She’s just perfect."

The mother-of-three also explained: "Ophelia is very good, she loves to help out. Chester is definitely the mischievous one."

Millie then revealed the advice her mother Sue gave to her before Elodie was born, stating: "My mum always told me when I was pregnant with Elodie, she was like 'your third just literally slots in', so I was like 'oh this is going to be easy'."

However it seems that things have been different than Millie expected.

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Millie Radford with her children
Millie Radford has three children under three years old. Picture: Channel 5

The mother-of-three said: "Going from one to two, I found that ok, it wasn't too bad. But going from two to three, that was definitely hard."

She also recalled a scary incident where Chester got hold of the iron and switched it on, leading Millie to only discover what was happening when she smelt burning.

Watch Millie Radford discuss being a mother of three here:

Millie Radford opens up about being a mum of three

Sue gave her opinion on how Millie is coping, stating: "I think Millie is finding having three children with quite small age gaps, challenging. I remember when I had mine, I had three under three, oh my goddess."

Despite the hardships motherhood brings, it seems that Sue and Millie's relationship has been repaired, after the two began feuding last year.

Sue Radford speaks to camera
Sue Radford has been providing support for Millie Radford. Picture: Channel 5

Their argument began when Millie accused her parents of leaving her out of their family holiday to Florida, commenting that Sue and Noel 'choose their favourites' despite 'making money from their grandchildren'.

After this outburst, Sue appears to have reduced the tension between the two after wishing her daughter a Happy Birthday on social media. In a further show of solidarity, Sue was Millie's birthing partner while she was in labour with Elodie.

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