B&M customers in hysterics over rude Instagram blunder

29 May 2019, 11:48

B&M made an awkward blunder on their latest Instagram snap
B&M made an awkward blunder on their latest Instagram snap. Picture: B&M/Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

This isn't your average kitchen scene...

If the prospect of a scorching hot weekend isn’t enough to cheer you up, B&M have left their customers in hysterics with their latest social media post.

The budget store recently released a brand new range of mugs with initials printed on them.

Showing off the stylish £1.99 cups on Instagram, two can be seen sat on a kitchen surface next to a kettle, tea and coffee.

The caption reads: “Get yours Alphabet Mugs now☕! They look SO stylish; perfect if you're wanting to add a touch of personalisation to your kitchen😍!”

Unfortunately, followers couldn’t help but notice the two letters on the mugs which spell out something cheeky - take a look for yourselves.

“Any reason you had to choose BJ ? 😂,” wrote one person, while a second joked: “Someone REALLY didn’t think this picture through😂😭”

“You couldn’t of picked better letters!! 😂,” said someone else, and a fourth agreed: “This tickled me 🤣🤣 x”

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While a fifth joked: “Of aaaaallll the letters in the alphabet, they had to put these 2 together…"

Instagram jokes aside, B&M - which sell everything from food to garden furniture - excited their fans last week when they announced the release of a new flavoured gin just in time for summer.

B&M are selling Battenberg cake gin
B&M are selling Battenberg cake gin. Picture: B&M

And cake lovers can rejoice, because their “Battenberg cake gin” is coloured pink and flavoured with "notes of marzipan and vanilla". Made by the brand Brambles, the gin is available for £9.99.

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The budget store has also bottled 'unicorn tears' and combined them with London Dry Gin.

It's shimmering drink has the added sweetness of a liqueur, alongside some fairy glitter to make it look pretty in your glass.

'Unicorn tears' are being sold in B&M
'Unicorn tears' are being sold in B&M. Picture: B&M

You can pick up a 50cl bottle of the sparkly stuff for £25, but B&M have ensured their customers: "Don't worry - they're not real unicorn tears.

"But this fabulous Gin Liqueur does taste utterly magical!

"Swirl the bottle to make this irridescent spirit shimmer, Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur boasts citrus fruit, oranges, juniper berries, bunches of coriander, and sticks of liquorice.

"Enjoy on its own over ice, mixed with tonic or as part of a fabulous cocktail!"