'I was banned from my sister’s wedding for not letting her honeymoon at my house'

29 June 2021, 11:49 | Updated: 29 June 2021, 11:57

A woman is furious after being uninvited from her sister's wedding
A woman is furious after being uninvited from her sister's wedding. Picture: Getty Images

One woman has asked for advice after her sister banned her from her wedding.

A woman has revealed she was uninvited from a wedding after she refused to let her sister honeymoon in her house.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous user explained that her parents had sold her their holiday home a few years back.

The whole family used to spend their school holidays visiting the house with their grandparents.

A woman has been uninvited from her sister's wedding
A woman has been uninvited from her sister's wedding. Picture: Getty Images

But after purchasing it back in 2017, the woman was fuming when she found out that her sister and fiance would be staying there for two weeks after their wedding.

“My sis asked where I was going to stay for the two weeks after her wedding.,” she wrote, continuing: “Puzzled I answered my house? She got a sour look and said that wouldn't work, her and fiancé would be there and they wanted private time.

"I asked why they'd be at my house and she said that's where they were having their honeymoon. Two weeks alone at a lake house. I said that was news to me.

“She insisted our parents said it was fine. But I said it wasn't their place to make decisions about my house."

The siblings then got into a huge argument and the Reddit user was told she was no longer part of the bridal party and was even uninvited from the wedding.

"She started crying, saying she already couldn't have her dream wedding like she wanted and now I was trying to ruin her honeymoon too," she said.

"I told her to rent a hotel room like every other newlywed couple then hung up."

Unsurprisingly, the post racked hundreds of comments, with one writing: “It's definitely not you, I could see the favoritism shining from a mile away. Very easy to see who the Golden Child is here.”

The woman bought her parents' holiday home
The woman bought her parents' holiday home. Picture: Getty Images

Another said: “It’s weird that your parents would help your sister plan a honeymoon to your house without asking you.

When one user asked if her sister knew she had bought the house, the woman gave an update, writing: "She was under the impression from our parents that they were letting me live there rent free. I corrected her and even showed her proof that they sold the house to me

"And when she asked why they sold it I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle. She became quiet after that and we soon hung up."

It's unclear whether the siblings ever made up or whether the sister was re-invited to the wedding…