A radiance booster, charcoal face-mask, the ultimate red lipstick and a ridiculously sexy fragrance: Heart's Beauty Editor picks her top beauty products of the week

8 February 2019, 12:41

Top beauty buys of the week
Top beauty buys of the week. Picture: press/brand agency

By Nicola Bonn

From a beautiful charcoal face mask to the ultimate suit all lipstick shade, we've got some brilliant recommendations for you this week...

boscia charcoal pudding
boscia charcoal pudding. Picture: press/brand agency

Boscia Pore Pudding - Fun, detoxing and freshening

Boscia is a Japanese brand that has been going for 32 years and has been incredibly popular in the USA. Now it's arrived in the UK and I love their products for being innovative, effective and fun. The pore pudding looks good enough to eat and when you open it is like a swirling vanilla and liquorice dessert. In actual fact it is made up of black and white charcoal which you smooth onto the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes.

The mask detoxifies your skin whilst leaving it hydrated and fresh. As you can see below I had a lot of fun with it

Trialling the Boscia Charcoal Pudding
Trialling the Boscia Charcoal Pudding. Picture: Nicola Bonn

MAC Ruby Woo - The brightening suit all lipstick

An old classic but one that I've been wearing recently to cheer me up in the cold weather, this is one of MAC's bestselling lipsticks for good reason. Ruby Woo is universally flattering. I don't know anyone who doesn't look amazing when they wear this. It is a bright, perky red that brightens your face and makes you feel confident.

Some people do complain that it can feel a bit dry on the lips as it is super matte. This is how I recommend you apply it for longevity and to hopefully combat the dry feeling:

1. Apply lip balm as soon as you've cleansed your face in the morning.

2. When you're ready to do your lipstick, start with a lip primer. My favourite is MAC Prep and Prime

3. Apply Ruby Woo lipliner to your entire lip

4. Then put your lipstick on, blot and reapply

5. If you don't mind the sensation, apply a layer of Lipcote to keep everything in place.

If you have never tried Ruby Woo give it a go and see how it makes you feel. I hope that it brightens things up for you as much as it does for me!

MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Ruby Woo. Picture: press/brand agency

Le Labo Another 13

Santal is the number one seller for Le Labo but my favourite fragrance from the collection is Another 13. It's described as an "addictive heady musk" and is one of those fragrances that really mixes with your natural pheromones to create a smell that will have people stopping you in the streets to ask you what you're wearing. (This is most likely down to the addition of Iso E Super which is the irresistible molecule that makes up cult fragrance Molecule 01). The perfume also contains ambrette seeds which are considered to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

This would be a great fragrance for Valentine's Day and I love the fact that it smells as sexy on a man as it does on a woman.

Le Labo Another 13
Le Labo Another 13. Picture: press/brand agency

NARS Super Radiant Booster

Launched on Friday this limited edition glow giver is beautiful. Either apply to your entire face before foundation, mix with your foundation or pat onto your cheekbones for a rose-gold radiance. I love the fact that it also includes some great skincare ingedients including squalane which gives great hydration and Vitamin E which is a great antioxidant and can help to combat sun damage.

NARS Super Radiant Booster
NARS Super Radiant Booster. Picture: press/brand agency

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