Expert reveals why you should never put concealer on your eyelids

12 July 2020, 17:39 | Updated: 12 July 2020, 17:51

Priming your eyelids with concealer isn't a good idea
Priming your eyelids with concealer isn't a good idea. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Many of us are guilty of applying foundation and concealer all over before starting on the eyeshadow, but we shouldn't be doing it. Here's why...

We all have different ways that we like to apply our makeup. For some of us it's habit, and some of us just like to keep up with recent trends that are flying around the online beauty community.

However, there's one thing that many are guilty of doing and should stop, as it actually ruins your makeup, and that is applying concealer as a primer for your eyelids.

Your concealer shouldn't be applied to the eyelids
Your concealer shouldn't be applied to the eyelids. Picture: Getty

Having worked as a makeup artist for both Charlotte Tilbury and Givenchy, I've picked up a fair few tips along the way, and this was one of the major no-no's I found that many did, but didn't actually realise why it was a bad idea.

To put it simply, your eyelids are incredibly oily, and concealer only makes that worse.

They're one of the most naturally oily parts of the face, which is why many makeup artists like to stress how important it is to prime the lids before applying any eyeshadow, as the oil will break down the shadow and cause it to smudge and crease.

There's nothing more frustrating than working on an amazing eye look only for it to end up creased, and if you're currently "priming" your eyelids with your favourite full-coverage concealer, that could be a huge part of the problem.

You should invest in an eyelid primer
You should invest in an eyelid primer. Picture: Getty

Concealers aren't created to combat oil, and can often include oil in the product, which won't work well on the eyelids.

This is why you should invest in an eyelid primer if you don't already have one, as their chemical makeup is different to that of a concealer and is made to ensure your shadow sticks exactly where you put it.

Even if you're setting the concealer on your lid with some powder, it then makes it a bit of a hard base to work with as the powder will mix with your shadow. See what I'm getting at here?

Two of the best eyelid primers out there at the moment are the P.Louise Base and Morphe's Translucent Eyelid Powder.

P.Louise's base
P.Louise's base. Picture: P.Louise

- P.Louise Base, £10, buy here

Morphe's Translucent Primer
Morphe's Translucent Primer. Picture: Morphe

- Morphe Translucent Eyelid Primer, £10, buy here

Both products are affordable at only £10, and are well-known for their amazing value and longevity.

P.Louise is an indy brand you might not have come across yet, but Paige the brand's owner has created an incredible range of eyeshadow bases in a variety of shades.

There's even colourful bases available can be used to make shades pop, and can even be used by themselves on the lid.

Morphe's a trusted brand you probably have heard of before, and their eyelid primer comes in two shades.

You can also pick up their primers on the high street in one of their stores.