Famous makeup artist reveals we’ve been doing our eyebrows the wrong way

21 July 2020, 19:06 | Updated: 11 August 2020, 09:33

Nikki (left) has pretty much perfect brows
Nikki (left) has pretty much perfect brows. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Here's a new way to preen your brows so you can ensure they stay looking fresh until the salons reopen.

Lockdown has turned us all into beauticians, nail techs, hairdressers, you name it!

And among the many self-maintenance tasks we’ve been teaching ourselves how to do is our eyebrows.

Nikki Makeup has revealed how she does the fluffy eyebrow look
Nikki Makeup has revealed how she does the fluffy eyebrow look. Picture: Instagram

Now of course, many of us were already pretty tweezer/wax happy, but there’s been a significant rise in home brow and eyelash treatments over the last few months.

DIY lamination kits such as the High Brow HQ one, £40, are incredibly popular and give amazing results, but in between these at-home treatments we do need to pluck and tweeze to keep those strays at bay.

Nikki Makeup, known for her huge following on Instagram (1.4m) is an incredible makeup artist and beauty influencer, who really knows her stuff.

The London-based MUA works as a Celebrity Makeup Artist for Dior, and has shared a small tutorial on her Instagram regarding how she tweezes and grooms eyebrows for that fluffy effect.

And this might shock you... but she leaves the tweezing until AFTER she has applied the makeup!

Here's it broken down into steps for you:

- Nikki brushes the brow hairs upwards with a spooly to assess the full natural shape of the brow, and how much of the length to trim, if any. (If possible, she likes to keep hairs their natural length if possible)

- If necessary, grab a pair of eyebrow trimming scissors and point them diagonally downwards, with the point of the blades facing towards the nose.

- When you snip the hairs, makeup sure to make the cuts tiny, you do not want to be cutting into your eyebrows' overall shape at all.

- After this, Nikki applies a soap brow product to set the brows into position, and adds strokes of brow pencil in the gaps to fill out the brow.

- Finally, once the makeup has been applied, Nikki gets the tweezers out, only plucking the hairs that are stay from the area that a part of the "eyebrow area"

Here are some of our favourite eyebrow products:


Benefit. Picture: Benefit/Escentual

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Benefit. Picture: Benefit/Escentual

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