How to cut your boyfriend's hair at home during lockdown according to an expert

6 April 2020, 15:51 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 15:54

If you're in dire need of a cut, make sure it's done to the best of your ability
If you're in dire need of a cut, make sure it's done to the best of your ability. Picture: Instagram/Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

If your other half is begging you to cut his hair but you haven't the slightest clue where to begin, we're here to help.

Boyfriends across the world are currently mourning their trims, wishing there was a way they could see their beloved barbers so their mops could be sorted out.

However, that's not possible. It's savage but it's true. And unfortunately that means that their unsuspecting partners (i.e us) are being forced into cutting their hair with no previous experience. spoke to Ben Haynes, a senior barber at Johnny's Chop Shop London who revealed exactly how you should go about it.

He admitted: "as barbers even we struggle to cut our own hair at home, so it’s not an easy task, so getting a partner to do it is especially hard as they're not trained."

Ben suggested that anyone who's unfamiliar with barbering should watch a few clips online to familiarise themselves first.

He added: "As soon as you've done that, invest in a decent set of hair clippers with the correct guards."

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And now for the method: "For the shorter styles on the sides such as 'fades', you ideally want to start with a grade 2 guard.

"Start in front of the ear by the temple, and place the clippers so it is square to the most protruding part of the head and comb all the hair down!

"You want to keep the clippers going completely straight up the side of your head, do not go into the head shape as this will result in you going into the curvature of your head!

"Behind the ear you ideally want to slightly angle down following the shape of the head, once you’ve gone all the way round it’s should be looking a lot cleaner!"

Ben continued: "Now I wouldn’t really recommend going for a fade shorter than a grade 1 as it will be quite hard to blend for someone who is untrained.

"About half-way between the 2 canvas you have already done, and the bottom of the hairline run a 1 all the way round. You should see a 1 line around the head with a even distance between this and the 2 you started with.

"After this is placed in begin to run the bulk out with a 1.75/1.5 until you can not see the line anymore! This should last a little while and look fresher than before!"

When it comes to cutting the bulk of the hair at the top, Ben doesn't suggest you doing so as it's too risky.

"I wouldn’t recommend cutting the top with scissors as this is a whole other ball park and you are at risk of cutting yourself, for the brave with all the guards of the clippers you could go for a longer buzz cut on top to ensure it’s even all over!

"Other then this invest in some small trimmers and tidying up the edges of your hair always following the natural hair line can make you look a lot cleaner!"

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