How to get whiter teeth WITHOUT professional or at-home whitening

8 March 2019, 16:48

How to get whiter teeth without whitening (stock image)
How to get whiter teeth without whitening (stock image). Picture: Getty

Teeth whitening alternative: how to get whiter teeth without whitening

For many of us, the very idea of achieving that perfect pearly white smile sounds long, difficult, and costly.

Expensive treatments coupled with horror stories of potentially dangerous at-home whitening kits is enough to make anyone seek alternatives - so what are the options?

Teeth whitening alternative: Polish + Perfect

We tried out the Polish + Perfect package, a treatment that gives you a healthier as well as a whiter smile.

The package, offered in Dr Wadia's central London clinic, includes airflow tooth polishing that removes stains and for a brighter, whiter smile.

As well as the treatment, Dr Wadia offers a consultation on general oral health, as well as a detailed examination.

She will then offer tips on how to achieve and maintain a whiter smile and good oral health in general - including tailored advice on the best toothpaste for you, how to clean in between your teeth, and whether or not you need mouthwash.

One of Doctor Wadia's patients after the treatment
One of Doctor Wadia's patients after the treatment. Picture: Dr Wadia

Then, she will do an advanced airflow polishing treatment on your teeth, which aims to remove stains that traditional scale and polishes won't reach. The system uses a combination of flavoured fine powder particles (you can choose bwteen lemon and cherry!), and compressed air and water.  

The results are immediate, and handy before and after pictures will show you just what a difference it made to your teeth.

How much does Polish + Perfect cost?

The treatment costs £250. Visit her website for more information.

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