'It's a game changer!' But would you pay £60 for a beauty fridge?

6 April 2019, 15:57 | Updated: 6 April 2019, 21:42

Make up fridge
A beauty fridge full of goodies. Picture: Twitter

By Beci Wood

Is this taking things too far or pure genius?

One of the latest trends among skincare obsessives is a beauty fridge.

In addition to the seemingly never-ending spiral of serums and oils and lotions and creams, there is now a compact new way of storing them all.

Sure, it feels lovely putting nice cold cream on your face but is this just another fad to take our money?

The fridges are 7"x 9" (about a quarter of the size of a hotel mini bar), come in a variety of designs and will set you back about £60.

Many folk put their creams in a mini bar while on holiday to soothe their skin after soaking up the sun.

But it's now believed the shelf life and potency of retinol, vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide could be increased if kept in cool conditions. Plus it's said to decrease puffiness.

Skincare fridge
More praise for a skincare fridge. Picture: Twitter

While the fridge is getting a lot of praise on social media, some are labelling it an over-priced waste of time.

What's your verdict?

Skincare fridge
The skincare fridge is picking up a lot of fans. Picture: Twitter

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