Parents rave over bizarre hack which keeps bread fresh days after sell by date using celery

30 April 2020, 10:19 | Updated: 6 May 2020, 07:56

This hack can keep your bread fresh longer
This hack can keep your bread fresh longer. Picture: Getty Images

How can you keep your bread fresh for longer and stop it going mouldy? One woman has revealed her trick.

With most families trying to go to the shops less during the pandemic, a mum has revealed a clever hack for keeping bread fresh for as long as possible.

Writing on moneysaving Facebook group Feeding a Family on £1 a Day, she explained she’d seen a trick on YouTube using celery.

“I had a loaf of bread I couldn’t fit in the freezer and was already using one,” she said.

“I watched a YouTube video and it said if you put a stick of celery in the bag it keeps the bread fresher for longer so tried.

“Just finished the last slices off and the bread was fine and it was dated the 19th of April – so 10 days out of date.

“I don’t know how it works but it does.”

This trick can keep your bread fresher for longer
This trick can keep your bread fresher for longer. Picture: Getty Images

The reason the bread lasts longer is because it absorbs the moisture from celery, which stops it from drying out.

It soon racked up more than 50 likes from impressed group members.

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One commenter then went on to reveal the science behind the trick, explaining the bread absorbs the moisture from celery, preventing it from drying out and going stale.

When another concerned social media user went on to ask: “Does the bread taste like celery? It’s a good little trick, but I’m not a fan of celery so if it did then it would be no good to me.”

The original poster reassured her that it didn’t, before adding that she mostly used it for making toast.

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Other comments included: “Wow, that is worth knowing – thank you,” and : “That’s mad!”

With money saving hacks at the forefront of all of our minds right now, someone else revealed how they manage to keep their bananas fresh as well.

They wrote: “Great tip thank you – another tip for keeping bananas fresh is to balance the bunch of bananas on your counter top with the ends in a small saucer of water.

“The water stops them ageing so fast.”

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