Can you have a favourite child? Mother sparks outrage with controversial statement

6 April 2019, 12:31 | Updated: 6 April 2019, 21:47

Mother and son
Mother and son. Picture: Getty

A mum-of-two has started a debate online by saying she prefers one of her sons to the other.

Opening up to fellow MumsNet readers, the emotional mother admitted she is trying to 'force a bond'.

She wrote: "I am ashamed to say this... but I really do have a favourite child.

"I have two sons and the oldest (three) is a real struggle for me and has been from day one.

MumsNet post
The post on the forum. Picture: MumsNet

"He is so intense and determined and he really overwhelms me.

"My husband is blessed with patience and really does a lot more of the hard graft. They have a great bond.

"I really enjoy my second son (18 months), I feel like I understand him perfectly and I am 100 per cent the most qualified to care for him in any situation," she continued.

"I try really hard to disguise my feelings."

MumsNet post
A response on MumsNet agreeing with the mother. Picture: MumsNet

"For example, I always take my older son shopping, just the two of us and allow him to scan the shop.

"I organise lots of play dates but I feel like I am really trying to force a bond I just can't make.

MumsNet post
MumsNet post. Picture: MumsNet

"My own mother was cruelly unfair to my older sister and I really thought I could be a bigger person.

"Has anyone else ever felt like this?"

The post has divided readers with many in agreement, while others called the admission 'scary'.

MumsNet post
MumsNet post. Picture: MumsNet

A recent Mumsnet survey has revealed that almost a quarter of parents say they have a favourite child, tending to favour their youngest.

Conversely grandparents frequently have a soft spot for their eldest grandchild.

MumsNet post
MumsNet post. Picture: NetMums

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