Cat optical illusion could reveal if you're a pessimist or optimist

14 March 2022, 11:33 | Updated: 18 March 2022, 14:25

What do you see?
What do you see? Picture: The Minds Journal
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A mind-boggling optical illusion could reveal if you're an optimist or pessimist - what do you see?

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An optical illusion of a cat claims to tell the user if they're an optimist or pessimist.

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The mind-boggling picture, which comes from The Minds Journal, shows the animal on a flight of stairs, and the way in which you see them walking could reveal a lot about you.

If you see the cat walking upstairs at first, it is thought that you could have an optimistic view on life.

"You see potential and you see growth wherever you look,” the Minds Journal article says, as reported by The Sun.

"Your mind has been trained to look at ways of rising higher in life, so given a situation where you have the choice of rising higher than others or falling to their levels, you would inevitably be the better person.

Is the cat walking up or down the stairs?
Is the cat walking up or down the stairs? Picture: The Minds Journal

"There are clear signs of ambition in you and no one, except yourself, can stop you from going higher in life."

If the cat seems to be walking down the stairs, it reportedly could indicate that you are more of a pessimist and sceptic.

"It may have been based on your experiences in life or just because of the sort of people you may have met that tilted your view of life towards the negative side,” The Minds Journal article says.

"But this means that you don’t trust easily now, you calculate before you commit and you are wary of people who seem too sweet.

"It may just be your way of tackling the world but you are much sharper and shrewd in your dealings, making it almost impossible to trick or deceive you."