Couple blasted after announcing their pregnancy at best friend's engagement dinner

10 September 2021, 11:15

A woman revealed her pregnancy at her friend's engagement party
A woman revealed her pregnancy at her friend's engagement party. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

A woman chose to announced she was expecting a baby at her best friend's engagement dinner.

A couple have been blasted for ‘ruining’ their friend’s engagement dinner after they decided to announce their pregnancy.

Sarah had thrown the party to tell all her loved ones about her upcoming nuptials, but the celebrations were interrupted when her friend - known only as N - shared her baby news.

Taking to Reddit to explain the story, one of Sarah’s guests explained: "N announced that she was expecting a baby with her husband, and suddenly all the attention went on her and everyone started congratulating her and her husband.

The couple have been accused of 'ruining' the engagement dinner
The couple have been accused of 'ruining' the engagement dinner. Picture: Getty Images

"I looked towards Sarah and she was silent but looked really upset, so I asked her if she allowed N to announce her pregnancy here. Sarah said no but not to worry about it. Her fiancé looked mad but didn’t say anything either."

The Reddit user was quick to call N out for her behaviour and accused her of ‘ruining’ the dinner.

The post continued: “I get N’s attention loudly and everyone looks at me. I said, “You weren’t given permission to announce your pregnancy here.

“Sarah and her fiancé gathered everyone here and are paying for our meals. The night is about them… not you. If you wanted a pregnancy announcement dinner you should have held it on your own time but you wanted to take the attention from Sarah and her fiancé away so badly that you’re ruining their engagement dinner?“

Unsurprisingly, the whole room was listening, and N started crying saying nobody should speak to a pregnant lady that way.

Is it wrong to announced your pregnancy at an engagement dinner
Is it wrong to announced your pregnancy at an engagement dinner. Picture: Alamy

The friend continued: "I told her that she wasn’t the first woman to be pregnant and that a lot of pregnant women can respect their friends too and not make everything about themselves,” before she and her boyfriend had left the dinner.

She added: “Sarah texted me after the dinner and said thank you that I didn’t have to say what I did but she was happy.”

When asking for advice as to whether she had behaved out of line, one Reddit user commented: “You stood up for your friend. Your friend thanked you.”

Someone else wrote: “I think you did the right thing in sticking up for your friend. Most people would have just suck it up but you spoke up. I admire your boldness.”

A third added: “Someone tried to steal the spotlight from your friend and you corrected it. That makes you a good friend in my book.”