The best alcoholic drinks you need for any garden celebrations this summer

12 July 2020, 19:14 | Updated: 21 July 2020, 16:31

There's a whole load of drinks out there perfect for summer evenings
There's a whole load of drinks out there perfect for summer evenings. Picture: Getty

Summer evenings at home are fast becoming the norm, and there's a whole load of drinks out there for you to try.

We're all fast becoming garden party hosts as lockdown starts to relax, and with the hosting responsibility comes the pressure of providing a great drinks selection.

We've all mastered the art of opening a premixed can, but if you're up for trying out some different spirits, wines, bubbles and so one, here are some of the top choices we've put selected for your drinks cart this summer.

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Back garden drinks are about to be levelled up
Back garden drinks are about to be levelled up. Picture: Getty


Black Cow's Strawberry Vodka is a new addition to their collection, and it is absolutely divine.

Black Cow
Black Cow. Picture: Black Cow

The stylish bottle has an alcohol volume of 37.5% and is distilled in West Dorset, here in the UK.

Black Cow + English Strawberries, £25 for 70cl, buy here


If you want something light, refreshing and completely unique, you need to give Vita a try.

It's the first vodka of its kind, as it's been made to be served with water as a mixer (yes, really!).

Vita Vodka
Vita Vodka. Picture: Vita

So if you're trying to keep the calories down, of even if you're a big fan of light, citrusy vodka, you need to give Vita vodka a whirl.

Vita Vodka, £27 for 70cl, buy here


Fancy trying out some new wines but don't want to break the bank? Dark Horse wines have got you.

Dark Horse
Dark Horse. Picture: Dark Horse

The brand's lovely selection includes rich Merlots and Malbecs, Chardonnays and Sauvignons, Pinos, Rosès and more.

Dark Horse wines, £7-£8.50, buy here


Two Birds' countryside spirits come in a variety of flavours and sizes, but one of their bottles has really caught our eye.

Their Lavender & Rose-flavoured colour changing gin not only looks and tastes incredible, but it's been created for a great cause too!

The gin changes colour when you add a mixer
The gin changes colour when you add a mixer. Picture: Two Birds

The colourful bottle dons the rainbow flag and all profits from the drink will go to LGBTQ+ charities.

As well as this, the brand has a huge selection of gins and vodkas in flavours such as watermelon, strawberry, salted caramel and rhubarb, yum!

Two Birds Lavender and Rose gin, £15 for 20cl, buy here


If a classic, no fuss and no frills gin is what you're after, try out Bathtub Gin.

Bathtub Gin
Bathtub Gin. Picture: Bathtub Gin

The beautifully packaged gin is infused with ingredients including juniper, orange peel, coriander, cassia, cloves and cardamom, resulting in an incredible taste sensation, lightly tinted by the botanicals, and with a flavour which is both bold, and perfumed all at once.

Bathtub Gin, £31 for 70cl, buy here


KEEPR's has a beautiful selection of spirits, cans and many more on their website, but the honey-based alcohol company has a lot more to offer than *just* honey.

Their British Raspberry and Honey Gin is what some would call boujee, and the flavour in the classic dry London gin is incredible.

KEEPR's. Picture: KEEPR's

It is carefully distilled with only the finest botanicals to create a superb infusion with delicious British raspberries and their 100 per cent unadulterated British honey.

They use ripe raspberries with a slight tartness and balance it with the honey sweetness.

KEEPR's British Raspberry & Honey Gin, £37.50 for 70cl, buy here


One bottle of vodka every household should own is Grey Goose.

The fancy tipple has made a name for itself for a reason, and the French vodka used only the finest ingredients from France.

Grey Goose
Grey Goose. Picture: Grey Goose

These are; soft winter wheat from in and around Picardy plus pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region, nurtured and captured from field to bottle in an exclusive process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of our Cellar Master François Thibault.

Grey Goose Vodka, £39 for 70cl, buy here


Pommery has an amazing selection of drinks, but their amazing Royal Blue Sky is their contribution to an ongoing trend of champagne that is meant to be enjoyed over ice cubes, which is normally quite a faux-pas in certain circles.

Pommery. Picture: Pommery

The champagne has hints of honey, marzipan, marshmallows, and French pastry which are going to make you question everything you thought you knew about champagne.

The demi sec's palate is a revelation with notes of ripe mangoes, white vermouth, and boiled down bitter oranges.

Pommery Royal Blue Sky, £54, buy here


Heidsieck & Co Monople Rosé Top Non Vintage 75 cl is a perfect summer drink, bright and beautiful salmon pink in colour.

Their lovely champagne shows off characters of red berries, raspberries and wild strawberries.

Heidsieck & Co.
Heidsieck & Co. Picture: Heidsieck & Co.

It is lively but not aggressive - instead light, vivacious and well balanced.

A delicious rosé aperitif with very ‘moorish’ qualities which could be enjoyed with a lovely strawberry tart.

Heidieck & Co. Monopole Rose Rop Champagne, £34.99, buy here


You can choose from a range of interesting designs
You can choose from a range of interesting designs. Picture: INKD

If a fruity vodka is what you're after, you should try Ciroc's amazing Summer Watermelon flavour.

However, if you're after something a little bit unique then you should check out INKD's website, as you can personalise your choice of tipple, add a design (graffiti, dripping paint... the list is endless) and there's also a huge selection of other flavours too.

Ciroc Brushed Collection in Summer Watermelon, £35.99 from INKD, buy here