This 1970s classic cocktail is back in a can... just in time for Christmas

17 December 2019, 11:06

You can now have a snowball on the go
You can now have a snowball on the go. Picture: Warninks

Your nan's favourite festive tipple has been given a rebrand... prepare yourself for snowballs in a can.

It's not just disco-inspired fashion that is making a comeback, classic 70s tipple Advocaat is also enjoying a resurgence.

The bright yellow Dutch liqueur, which is made from egg yolks, brandy, sugar and vanilla, is back on the drinks menu with a series of exciting new twists on the Snowball cocktail, traditionally a mix of Advocaat, lemonade and fresh lime - and a newly released ready to drink mix in a can.

Yes, you can now get a Snowball to go - and with a RRP of £1.80 a can, it's ideal as a Secret Santa gift, too.

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The Posh Snowball looks very fancy
The Posh Snowball looks very fancy. Picture: Warninks

For people who enjoy building their own Snowball from scratch, Advocaat manufacturers Warninks have released a new twist on the retro favourite.

Create a Posh Snowball by adding cloudy lemonade rather than the usual fizzy, then add a rolled scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a real ‘snowball’ effect. They also suggest trying a Snowball Fizz, blending, Prosecco, a dash of vanilla syrup, and Advocaat.