People are making their own Creme Eggs at home this Easter using a simple recipe

9 April 2020, 01:35

You can create your own Creme Eggs easily from home
You can create your own Creme Eggs easily from home. Picture: PA/Facebook
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

It's hard to get our hands on our favourite treats at the moment, so we're going to show you how you can make them from home.

It's that time of year again where we start stocking up on our favourite snacks, and usually an occasional trip to the shops for some chocolate would be a breeze.

However, that's not the case anymore due to lockdown so if you haven’t been able to get your hands on your seasonal favourites, a chocolatier has revealed how you can create your very own Creme Egg from home.

You can create your own eggs with zero effort
You can create your own eggs with zero effort. Picture: Facebook

The delicious egg is only available around Easter, so some of us may miss getting our annual fix due to the lockdown.

If you can’t wait until next Easter, chef Paul Young has shared his recipe for making your own at home, and it only needs four ingredients. 

Aside from water and caster sugar, you need yellow food colouring and shop bought fondant. 

Although if you don’t have any yellow food dye to hand, dig around your cupboard as you can use saffron or turmeric mixed with water as a substitute. 

You'll need: 500g shop bought fondant, 100ml of water, 10g caster sugar and yellow food colouring.

This creme egg melting on a hot cookie is a literal desert dream

Next you need to make the gooey filling, so start by grating the fondant into a mixing bowl, and make a well in the centre.

Heat the water and sugar in a pan until it starts to simmer, then pour it into the fondant until it forms a smooth paste. 

Spoon out some fondant into a separate bowl and add your yellow colouring for the yolk.

You can use shop-bought moulds for the egg shape.

Paul revealed: “Now carefully spoon or pipe the fondant into the egg leaving room for your fondant yolk." to the Metro.

And the finishing touch is sticking the two egg halves together, perfectly replicating a creme egg.

Paul added: “Using your finger or a piping bag apply a small amount of chocolate around one half of the eggs. 

“Swiftly bring the two halves together to seal the fondant. 

“Enjoy your eggs within two weeks of making and store at room temperature."